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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Fernando Torres to be Handed a New Contract with Increased Salary at Liverpool

This is the second season for Spanish striker Fernando Torres in English Premier League. He starred at Anfield in his debut season and the momentum still continues with Torres scoring for the Reds pretty regularly. Torres already has contract with Liverpool until 2013, but News of the World reported that he might be offered a new deal with a much-improved paycheck and under the new contract he would stay at Liverpool until 2014.

Fernando Torres, Spain’s Euro 2008 winning striker, is currently earning in the range of £70,000 which could well be improved by 20 % to £90,000 in the new contract. Liverpool is actually trying to ensure that Torres would not leave the club in the near future.

I am guessing another thing here, though I could be wrong. Giving an improved deal to Torres, Liverpool officials are perhaps trying to ensure that the Spaniard stays at the club, even if manager Rafael Benitez, who is now in conflict with Liverpool authority over his contract extension, leaves the club at the end of this season. Both Torres and Benitez hail from Madrid, Spain and Liverpool might fear that Benitez would tempt Torres to leave the club if Liverpool does not extend Benitez’s contract.

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