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Monday, November 24, 2008

Tennis Legend Jimmy Connors Arrested by Police

Jimmy Connors, former tennis great, was arrested by police recently and was put into jail after a confrontation concerning the entrance into a basketball game between Gauchos and Tar Heels. Connors often attends the UCSB basketball games, but this time he could not manage to enjoy the match. Though it is not yet clear that exactly what the reason was behind Jimmy Connors being arrested, it has been reported that the tennis legend had a confrontation outside the Thunderdome and refused to leave the area afterwards. Then Police arrested him and put into Santa Barbara County Jail, but he was later released from the jail.

The 8 grand slam title holder was always well-known for his hot temperament on the court. He was world no. 1 for five years in a row with record 109 career titles and record 1,241 victories. With five US Open titles, Jimmy Connors and Roger Federer jointly hold the record of highest number of US Open title.

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