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Monday, November 24, 2008

AFT Cancelled Tennis Asia Cup because of the Unavailability of Top Ranked Asian Players

Tennis Asia Cup has been canceled by Asian Tennis Federation (AFT) because of the unavailability of the top ranked Asian tennis players. Asian Tennis Federation had a big plan to launch the tournament for the first time with the participation of the players only from Asian region. The tournament was supposed to begin with the men’s event in Pune from next month, followed by women’s event of the competition in Indore.

The countries, who earlier agreed to participate in Tennis Asia Cup, featured their third or fourth ranked player for the tournament which offers prize money of USD 1,00,000. However, AFT does not even know why the top ranked Asian players are reluctant to take part in the tournament. It is pretty much sure that without the participation of some of the top ranked players, Tennis Asia Cup can not get expected response from the fans. I think, it is a good chance for the top ranked Asian players to play among themselves and get better prepared for the Australian Open 2009.

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