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Friday, November 14, 2008

T3 Along with ‘The Alloy’ Wants to Design a Perfect Mobile Phone

Mobile phone is not just a device used for talking anymore. In fact, mobile phone companies are trying to offer as many multi-tasking features as possible in the mobile handsets. So, design has become a very important aspect for a mobile phone as many features are needed to be inserted within a small device. Even the form factor is also very important because mobile phone users do not want to carry large size handsets when they are on the go. Considering all these things, T3 gadget website has recently taken an initiative to design a perfect mobile phone named “01 Phone.” T3 has already joined its hands with design company ‘The Alloy’ in order to make a perfect design for a mobile phone.

The concept they initially came up with is really eye-catching. The gorgeous-looking slider phone features slide out querty keyboard clad in robber coating with 5.0 megapixel camera.

Geek.com reported:

A mini-phone that slides out of the back of the main phone unit. It is flexible to wrap around your wrist and forms a very basic phone when you don’t need the full feature set of the main phone.

Cordless headphones that clip into the back of the keyboard when not in use so you don’t lose them.

Touchscreen and multi-touch stylus. The stylus looks like a pair of tweezers.

The keypad has several modes depending on what you are doing e.g. camera, e-mails, Internet, or gaming, and lights up differently to highlight the main buttons for each mode

Built-in GPS

After finalizing the concept of a perfect mobile phone, The Alloy will make a model of the final phone. T3 will provide the mobile phone manufacturers with the final concept for the perfect mobile phone. No doubt, it is a praiseworthy initiative by T3. As the users can also put their opinion in designing the perfect mobile phone, I think, the final concept for the mobile phone will reach closer to the users’ need.

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