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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Maruti Suzuki India to Launch ‘End of Vehicle by 2010

Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. (MSIL) is aiming to launch its first “End of Life Vehicle (ELV)” by 2010, following all the ELV norms set by European Union (EU). This End of Life vehicle would reduce the fuel consumption of MSIL cars by 10-15% in what would give the consumers a big sigh of relief amidst continuous hike in fuel price in the global market. Maruti Suzuki’s ELV car will not have harmful raw materials like lead, mercury, hexavalent chromium, and cadmium, etc. in its manufacturing process. However, lead will continuously be used in the batteries.

newsline365 reported:

As per the ELV norms in use, each homogeneous material for car manufacturing is allowed to support maximum concentration of 0.1 wt. per cent of lead and mercury and 0.01 wt. per cent of cadmium. Though, India has yet not officially implanted the ELV norms, but MSIL’s refurbishing has become need of the day to stay fit in the global competition, said a market analyst. Easy disposal, dismantling, and recyclability are the few most important characteristics of the ELV specifications.

ELV norm is being strictly followed in the EU countries since 2003 as it is environment friendly technology with better eco-disposal of the vehicles. Maruti Suzuki is planning to implement ELV compatible technology very soon and has already instructed its vendors to use technologies that suits EU’s ELV norms.

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