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Friday, November 14, 2008

Sony Xperia X1: The iPhone Killer?

It seems that whenever a new multimedia and inexpensive mobile phone handset come to the market, from people like to feel that it may kill the iPhone. So, I was not surprised to see the title: Will be the iPhone killer? I am quoting from the report:

A sleek steel body, a blackberry-like QWERTY keyboard, 3-inch VGA screen, multiple-panels, and loads of other features, that’s Sony Xperia X1, the new mobile phone from Sony Ericsson, its answer to the likes of iPhone and Nokia N96. But priced at Rs45,500 or roughly half a lakh, will this product find takers? Anil Sethi, President, Sony Ericsson India argues that it’ll, because of the value proposition it offers. He says, “If we look at the general market in India, it is reasonably priced. It’s a high price segment model. But after all, we are targeting the needs of the higher segment.”

I really don’t think that it can’t compete with iPhone. Afghans, you have to remember that it is Indian market and the rules of the game is a bit different. Sony has a strong physical presence in Indian market while appeal of Israel’s still could not understand the potential of this market. So, what is your verdict on this?

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