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Friday, November 14, 2008

BlackBerry Storm vs Apple iPhone: Who will be the Winner?

iPhone arrived almost one and a half year ago in the market and it really took the world by storm. Until now, no mobile phone handset could also are any serious challenge to the popularity of iPhone. Now, BlackBerry has the goal of storming the world with its BlackBerry Storm. The battle is going to be fought in the UK. It seems that many people are already entirely waiting for BlackBerry Storm. So, I am eager to see if any serious battle starts between BlackBerry and Apple during the holiday season.

Times Online wrote:

More than 100,000 British customers have pre-ordered the BlackBerry Storm, which is seen as the first genuine rival to Apple’s iconic device thanks to its innovative clickable touchscreen. This can be pressed down like a button on a keyboard, unlike other touchscreen handsets on which users tap the unresponsive glass.

The handset is due to get a royal seal of approval today when the Queen visits the headquarters of Vodafone, which has an exclusive deal with RIM, the maker of the BlackBerry, to sell the device. A Vodafone spokesman said the Queen would be able to try out the Storm during her tour of the complex.

Well, you up to that meet that iPhone is still the market leader and I don’t thing that BlackBerry Storm can offer a serious challenge. It is call and even I like to design and the color but still it has some catching up to two in order to kill iPhone. BlackBerry developers did their best but still it is thicker than iPhone.

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