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Sunday, November 23, 2008

ICL Chairman Kapil Dev Shocked at BCCI’s Move against Sir Clive Lloyd

India’s world cup winning captain Kapil Dev has overly criticized BCCI for making a move against West Indian legend Sir Clive Lloyd. At a promotional event in Mumbai, Clive Lloyd hoped to see Indian Cricket League (ICL) and BCCI-sanctioned Indian Premier League (IPL) co-exist. He also saw no problem with ICL and BCCI having a dialogue. After this came out in the media, BCCI officially lodged a complain at ICC against Clive Lloyd and called for his removal as chairman of the cricket committee of ICC.

Kapil Dev, the chairman of ICL, was also present at that promotional event. Having acknowledged about BCCI’s complain against former West Indian great Clive Lloyd, Kapil Dev made no delay to criticize the move. He questioned if Clive Lloyd had his own independence to express his opinion about a cricket related issue as one of the legendary figure of the game. Kapil Dev thinks BCCI forgot the stature of Clive Lloyd in Cricket, and if ICC makes any move against Clive Lloyd upon BCCI’s complain, then, Kapil thinks, ICC should appoint only those people who would abide by BCCI.

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