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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Germany vs England Friendly 2008: Live on ITV1 TV Channel

Germany vs England 2008 match is going to entertain millions of TV viewers tonight. The match is being played in Germany and that is why most of the English fans will have to rely on TV for watching the match. Only few weeks ago, most English fans became outraged to see that the away matches were broadcast in a TV channel that is not accessible to many people. So, ‘We Hate Setanta’ chant came. So, they have something to be happy about since the match of today is going to be broadcast in ITV1 channel.

For more information visit this link: http://www.itv.com/TVGuide/default.html

I was sad to see that I could not find any information about the live telecast of this match in South Asia. This is something that FIFA should really take a serious look. Football is a global sports now and there are fans in all corners of the world.  

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