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Monday, October 13, 2008

Oreva Super vs Tata Nano: Who Will Win?

This is a race between not just only two cars, but also between two technologies and two companies. Tata Nano has not come for sale. Tata suffered some setbacks in the Indian state of West Bengal about the Nano plant and it has perhaps delayed the arrival of the car some. In fact, in the last few weeks, most of the news items related to Nano was about violent protest against Tata in West Bengal. There was hardly any news item about the car model itself. So, I think that Oreva Super is in an advantageous position even from the start. Oreva Super is supposed to be used at first in Gujrat. Until now, we have not seen any protest any Oreva.

The price of the two cars will be the same. So, there is no clear winner. However, Tata Nano will run with oil, while Oreva Super is an electric car. So, from the environmental point of view, Oreva should be better than Nano. Of course, there is one thing that you should take into consideration. Tata is a very big company and it is one of the most familiar brand names in Indian market. So, I think that Nano will have an edge against Oreva in this regard.

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