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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Belarus vs England 2008: The Role of Theo Walcott

Theo Walcott amazed everyone a few days ago by scoring a hat trick ageist Croatia. After that, it seems that Walcott has lost the magical touch and he could not score any goal. He could not score any goal for England in the match against Kazakhstan. It is not that he is playing bad. He is playing well, but not at his best and many fans are not happy with this matter. Now, Walcott has appealed to the fans to be more patient and to give him some room and time to flourish. I agree with Walcott and I also think that fans should be moiré patient. Yes, Walcott is a genius, but the fans must not push him too much. It is not that he can score in every game. Sometimes, things do not go well. Now, Walcott is focusing on the match against Belarus. David Beckham has praised a lot about Walcott and he thinks that Walcott played very well in the match against Kazakhstan. This should help fans to calm down and it should satisfy them. However, I think that England coach Fabio Capello and Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger should take better care of Walcott from now. He can be a great asset to both his club and to the country. For that he needs strict discipline and commitment and as little pressure as possible from the fans.

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