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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Belarus vs England 2008: The Beginning of the Tough Road?

All the England fans are happy now. They are perhaps still celebrating as it is Sunday, a weekend holiday. They are in a happy and celebrating mode and many of them are planning to go to Belarus to see the national team in action. One thing I always like is that whenever England plays in any part of the world, a large number of England fans always try to support their England national team. Of course, they also got bad reputation for violent behavior, but still this kind of [passionate support is very difficult to get in today’s world. Now, England coach Fabio Capello thinks that the tough road will just start with the Belarus match. It will be an away match and Belarus can be a tricky opposition. The worrying part for England is that in the last match against Kazakhstan, it took some more than 50 minutes to score a goal. Even after scoring two goals, England suffered a goal and many fans thought that England may suffer in yesterday’s match. However, the happy thing is that everything moves smoothly.

I do not think that Belarus match should be a very difficult match for England. Secondly, it looks that England has done some good work and it should not be a big problem for them to qualify. Of course, they have to continue their good form and they must not become complacent. The good thing is that the other two strong teams in the group, Croatia and Ukraine, are not doing very well. England is now at the top of the group with 9 points from three matches and in the second position is Ukraine with 7 points from three matches. England last night drew against Croatia 0-0.

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