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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Croatia vs England World Cup 2010 Qualifying Live in Super Sports?

These days, so much is being talked about Setanta television channel that it has bought the tv rights of away matches of the England national team that most English fans will not be able to enjoy the match live tomorrow. So, I was searching for more information about the match and live tv channel coverage. Well, I stumbled upon to the website of Super Sports television channel and I was shocked that the match was going to be broadcast live tomorrow on Super Sports 5. To be honest, I am shocked…… and I really can not believe that most English fans will not be able to watch the match, but people in South African will be enjoy it. This is really tragic and I am sure that it is time football fans start discussing about the way tv rights are managed. Football is not only a sport but it is a passion for millions of people in all over the world. England is the place where football was originated. In this country, no other sport is popular. So, I really wish that people have some common sense and try to make some changes. Well, if you are in South Africa or in other parts of Africa and if you have access to Super Sports 5, then you should watch the match. Even if you are not a fan of England or Croatia, still I would urge you to watch the match because most of the people in England would not be able to do so. It has become a much-discussed subject in internet and in the media. Let us see if there can be any change at all.

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