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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Robinho Asked Real Madrid for a Chelsea Move

In my earlier entry, I wrote about Cristiano Ronaldo’s desire to leave Manchester United for Real Madrid. You already know that the Spanish club has been tracking Ronaldo for a long time and this summer, they have already found their official bid rejected for the Portuguese winger. Recently, Ronaldo said that he would ask Manchester United to allow him to leave the club in order to join Real Madrid.

Similarly, Real Madrid striker Robinho recently demanded a transfer request because he wants to play for Chelsea. He also compared his wish to the wish of Ronaldo to play for Real Madrid. However, Real Madrid is moving very slowly about a possible deal with Chelsea for Robinho. However, according to reports, Real Madrid first wants to ensure the signing of Ronaldo. If they fail to bring Ronaldo at Real Madrid, they might not sell the Brazilian striker. This is what makes Robinho irritating because he does not want to see his future relying on anybody else. He clearly expressed his desire to play for Chelsea and demanded a transfer. However, reports also have that both Real Madrid and Chelsea have talk about Robinho and the terms have also been agreed between the two clubs. Now, let us see if Robinho can successfully convince Real to let him leave the club for Chelsea.

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