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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

China Looking to Achieve a Lot in Beijing Olympics Games 2008

Beijing Olympics Games is not knocking at the door. Only three days are left before the biggest sporting event kicks off at Beijing on 8 August officially. Players, organizers and fans from around the world are now waiting for the start of the Olympics Games 2008. However, there are some other aspects as well. Olympics Games is not only a sporting event; rather it has many other sides to relate.

The successful organization of Beijing Olympics Games will definitely help China prove that they have the strength to organize an event like Olympics, despite facing poverty in rural areas, lack of energy resource and internal and external protest against this event.

Ahead of Beijing Olympics Games 2008, several issues have already been addressed by international community. One of the issues is human rights; while air pollution being another issue. Moreover, China has emerged as big threat for USA’s dominance in global sporting arena. It is expected that USA would have to face a tough challenge from China in holding on to its Olympics glory. This year, China has every possibility to become the best participating country in terms of awards achieved. So, you can China has a lot to get from and prove in Beijing Olympics Games 2008. Do you think, they will be able to organize the event successfully and become the best country in this year’s Olympic Games.

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