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Monday, August 18, 2008

Argentina vs Brazil Beijing Olympics Semi Final Match

For detailed information of the 5 September 2009 match between Argentina and Brazil, visit this link:

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I am an Argentine fan and I am eagerly waiting for the Argentina vs Brazil Olympic 2008 semi final match in football event. Of course, it is men’s football. Don’t forget that Brazil’s women’s football team has already gone to the final of Women’s football event in Olympics 2008. Now, it is the time for Brazilian men footballers to do the same. Of course, you have to remember that Argentina is the reigning gold medalist in Olympics football and right now, they are the strongest team.

In China, football is the most popular game. The good thing is that many people in China are passionate supporters of either Brazil or Argentina. So, one thing for sure is that there will be no shortage of supporters for the two teams. The match will take place in Beijing Workers’ Stadium and will start at 9 PM China Standard Time (CST).

SouthAsiaFair wrote:

Argentina vs Brazil match is always something special to the football fans and the two sides have their unique fans all over the world. An ‘Argentina vs Brazil’ match is enough to bring a division among the football fans. It is true that not all the star players of Brazil and Argentina are participating in the tournament because Olympic football is basically a tournament for U-23 players. However, each team can add three over-aged players in their Olympic squad. However, that will not mar the attraction of the match because football fans are always fascinated by this high-rated football rivalry.

Argentina is the gold medalist of 2004 Athens Olympic, while Brazil is yet to get the taste of an Olympic gold. So, lots of things are now at stake around the match and it is for sure both teams will strive for success from the very beginning of the match.

So, all the people of Brazil will want their team to win the match tomorrow and go to the final of men’s football. The Argentine fans will have the same prayer too. In fact, whoever wins will play against the winner of the match between Belgium and Nigeria. Thus, whoever wins in the Argentina vs Brazil match will surely feel confident of winning the final too. Thus, it is an unwritten final match in the semi final.


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