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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ferguson Wants to Define the Role of Wayne Rooney on the Field

Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has recently said that Wayne Rooney had sacrificed a lot for the club, playing different positions on the field as per the situation demanded. However, Ferguson is interested to define his role on the field and he thinks the player best suits in the middle; be it centre half or centre forward position. According to Ferguson, Wayne Rooney is aggressive, has pace and courage to break the opponent defense by going into penalty box.

Wayne Rooney played in a number of positions over the last few years. Ferguson played the Rooney as winger, centre midfielder, playmaker etc. However, no longer does the Scott want to continue it. Rather, he wants to give Rooney a particular role on the field where he would be stick to. May be, Ferguson wants to see Rooney flourish his full potential working on a specific position on the field.

I also think the same what Ferguson is considering now. Rooney should be given a particular role on the field and it would help Rooney get the best out of himself. From Ferguson’s word it is pretty much clear that he is going to appoint Wayne Rooney in the middle, not in the wings. I also supported this idea. Rooney has enough pace and dribbling ability by which he can be a constant threat for the opposition teams in the middle- thus making the task of the winger easier. Now, let us see if we can get to see an improved Wayne Rooney next season. If not, don’t lose your faith on him, because he has the ability to do it in the next season.

What do you think about it?

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