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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Emmanuel Adebayor Wants to Leave Arsenal but How?

Emmanuel Adebayor was the most successful striker of Arsenal last season. In fact, he was in superb form and he was the second highest goal scorer in English Premier League last season. Even he earned a lot of praise both in England and in Europe. Emmanuel Adebayor is a player of Togo national team and he became famous in just one season in Arsenal. However, he wants to leave Arsenal because many European clubs are now after him and they want to buy him with a lot of money.

Arsneal is clearly reluctant to let him go because he is the best player in last season. Barcelona offered $24 million for Adebayor, but Arsenal rejected this bid. AC Milan is also very interested about getting him, but Arsneal management is getting some problem. Arsenal has said that they want $35.8 million pound for him and it is too much for AC Milan. There was a time when Italian clubs AC Milan, Intern Milan, Juventus and even Napoli got some of the best players in the world. There were also Fiorentina and Roma who were very strong in Europe, but time has changed and Italian clubs are no longer very rich. They can not give so much money. Arsenal is a club famous for its low salary and Emmanuel Adebayor wants to earn more money and there is nothing wrong in it. So, he is not that much happy with Arsenal at this moment.

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