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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Germany vs Portugal Live Score and Updates

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Germany (3) ---- Portugal (2)

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Final score: Germany has won the match by 3-2.

94 minutes: Germany has won the match in Semifinal now.

90 minutes: 90 minutes has finsihed. Now Portugal is trying from dying moments

87 minutes: Nani has pulled one goal back for Portugal from a cross. Germany leading by 3-2. Is it too little to late?

85 minutes: Freekick for Germany

82 minutes: Change of Germany player.

79 minutes: Portgual on attack again but shot too hihg

76 minutes: Portugal on attack again and it's Lehman who got the ball

73 minutes: Corner for Portugal

71 minutes: Lehman again showed that he is still teh best goalkeeper of Germany.

68 minutes: Freekick for Portugal. Ronaldo took and a bad freekick shot

65 minutes: Can Germany now hang on for 25 minutes more?

62 minutes: Germany has scored the third goal. The hero is Michel Balakh and Germany is now leading 3-1

59 minutes: Corner for Portugal but German defense saved the ball confidently. Now, Freekick for Germany and Pepe of Portugal shown yellow card

55 minutes: Germany is still leading by 2-1. Portugal on attack now

51 minutes: Ball is in the German goal but Deco was offside.

48 minutes: Portugal had a freekick but bad attack

46 minutes: Second half has started and germany on attack but now counter attack from Portugal.

45 minutes: First half has finsihed. COme back for seocnd half action.

44 minutes: Portugal has pulled one goal back. Now, Germany is leading by 2-1

39 minutes: Portugal on attack.

35 minutes: Germany is stilkl leading by 2-0

31 minutes: Portugal attacked but nothing happened

27 minutes: Germany has scored second goal and Germany is now leading by 2-0

24 minutes: Portugal number 10 players got injured. Now, some better

21 minutes: Can you guess who have scored the first goal? Germany has scored the first goal. It was a superb goal.

18 minutes: Corner for Germany. Michel Ballach header wide

15 minutes: Good attack from Portugal but Lehman was better

13 minutes: Germany is playing some better now.

10 minutes: Good counter attack from Germany

7 minutes: Portugal again on attack bu Lehman again collected the ball

3 minutes: Lovely run from Ronaldo for Portugal but the ball easily collected by Lehman in the end

0 miuntes: The match has started. be with us for live score and updates

Players are singing national anthem

We will provide live score and updates for this match as soon as it starts.

Germany vs Portugal quarter final match kicks off at 19:45 BST. Here, in this entry we will be giving online live score and updates of the match with text commentary. So, be out guest and enjoy the live score and updates of the match. When the match begins, you will just need to refresh the page after every few minutes in order to get the updated score of the match.

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