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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Croatia vs Turkey Live Score and Updates

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Turkey goes through the semifinals with Penalty shootout.

Penalty Shootout

Turkey wins by 3-1

Turkey (3)---- Croatia (1)

Turkey is now leaing by 3-1. Crotia is taking 3rd penalty

Both the clubs have taken two penalties and Turkey has scored two but Crotia missed one. So, Turkey is leading by 2-1

Now, penalty shootout after few minutes.

Croatia (1)--- Turkey (1)

30 minutes: What a goal from Turkey!!! I cannot believe it. Turkey had pulled the goal back.

29 minutes: What a goal from Croatia. Lovely run and even better cross and perhaps best header goal. Croatia is leading now 1-0

25 minutes: Just 5 minutes left. Turkey has got a freekick from dangerous postion. Can they score now?

20 minutes: 3 players of Turkey have been shown yellow card until now and if Turkey goes to teh seminfal they will not be able to play

16 minutes: Second half of extra time has started and Turkey on attack

ET 15 minutes: First half of extra time has finsihed and still no goal

ET 10 minutes: Turkey had a good chance came close but good luck for Croatia that they survived some scary moments.

ET 5 minutes: TUrkey got a corner but cleared by Croatia defense

ET 1 minute: Extra time has started. Turkey on attack

90 minutes have finsihed. Now, 30 minutes of extra time. Match will again resume soon.

90 minutes: 90 minutes have finsihed and now 3 minutes of added time.

85 minutes: Turkey had a freekick from dangerous positon

80 minutes: Freekick for Croatia

76 minutes: The two teams are perhaps thinking of Penalty shootout. NO goal NO goal

70 minutes: Craotia had perhaps the best chance of the match but failed to score

65 minutes: Now change of player for Croatia. NO goal yet

60 minutes: Change of player for Turkey

55 minutes: The match is now a bit boring with no real attack from any team. I just hop[e that they are not preparing for Penalty shootout.

50 minutes: Still no goal in this match

46 MINUTES: Second half has just started. Be with us for live updates

45 minutes: First half finished. COme back after few minutes for second half action.

40 MINUTES: just 5 minutes left of first half. STill no goal.

35 MINUTES: Two attacks from Turkey in two minutes.

31 minutes: The match is still goalless

28 minutes: A good attack from Turkey after a long time

25 minutes: ANother attack from Croatia. It is all Croatia now

22 MINUTES: now Croatia is playing much better

19 MINUTES: pOOR CROATIA! It is really bad luck for them. The shot hit Turkey's cross bar.

16 MINUTES: in the the first 16 minutes, Turkey had 59% ball possesion and 4 shots on the goal compared jsut 1 from Croatia

13 MINUTES: Turkey has a freekick from dangerous position.

10 minutes: Turkey is playing well now. 3 attacks in 3 minutes but they could not threten Croatian goalkeeper yet

7 MINUTES: Croatia attacked and got a corner

4 minutes: First good attack from Croatia.

1 minute: The match has started. Croatia is attacking now

We will give live updates when the match starts.

Croatia vs Turkey second quarter final match of Euro 2008 will take place on 20 June, Friday. The match kicks off at 19:45 BST. Here, in this entry, we will be giving online live score and updates of the match with text commentary. So, if you are interested to get the updates of the match then be with us and enjoy text commentary of the match. When the match begins, you will just need to refresh the page after every few minutes to get the updates of the match.

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