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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Euro 2008: Spain Defeats Greece 2-1

It was the last match of group stage and Spain and Greece had nothing to lose or gain. Well, I think that both Greece and Spain gained something with the match. Greece got their first goal of the tournament. On the other hand, Spain won all the 3 matches and was at the top of group D. The match was a bit boring in the first half. Spain dominated for most of the first half but they could not get any goal. In fact, Spain could not threaten inside the penalty area that much. I would love to give some credit to the Greek players. They not resisted Spanish attacks but even got a superb goal in the first half. The goal came from a freekick in the 41st minute.

I enjoyed the second half. Both the teams looked more attacking and Spanish players presented some lovely football from time to time. Spain got the equalizer in 61st minute. It was a superb goal too. When it seemed that the match will end up in a draw, Spain got the second goal at 88th minute. So, Spain is in quarterfinals as the group leader. On the other hand, Greece players have to go home.

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  1. Anonymous1:06 AM

    Yes,but you forgot to mention that the Greek team played againist Spain's B squad!Having already clinched group D,the A team was resting for the match againist Italy on Sunday. Go Spain!