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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Indian Premier League (IPL) without England

Tomorrow will be the start of Indian Premier League (IPL) 2008. It is going to be the richest cricket tournament in the world ever and a lot of money at stake. There is huge excitement about this tournament in the media and among cricket fans in India. The top cricketers of all the countries in the world are going to participate in IPL. The only exception is perhaps English players. There will be no English players in IPL 2008. The main reason behind the exclusion of England players is that this is the cricket season for England. You know that county cricket is the major domestic league in England and also England national team play its home matches during this time. So, England cricket board has created this obstacle that England players can not player in IPL 2008. many English players are unhappy with this matter because playing in IPL would bring a lot of cash money for them within just six weeks. They are very unhappy and they have already voiced their protest about this matter. BBC has discussed about this matter.

BBC has taken interview of some people like Sourav Ganguly, John Buchanan, Manoj Badale, Kapil Dev etc. All of them have said that England players should play in IPL and most probably next year there will a lot of players from England in IPL. It is a dilemma for England cricket board because on the one hand the players want to play in IPL to earn some quick cash money. On the other hand, if England players are allowed to play in IPL then England domestic cricket will suffer a lot. So, let us see how the things in future go about IPL and England.

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