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Monday, April 28, 2008

Derby vs Arsenal: Live Score and Update


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Derby (2)---- Arsenal (6)

92 minutes: Match has finished. Thank you for being with us.

91 minutes: Arsenal scored the 6th goal. ADEBAYOR was the scorer.

78 minutes: Immediately, Arsenal scored the fourth goal. WALCOT is the scorer.

87 minutes: good attack from Derby and good save from the Arsenal goal keeper

85 minutes: Arsenal is looking for the 6th goal.

80 minutes: Arsenal scored the 5th goal. ADEBAYOR was the scorer.

78 minutes: Immediately, Arsenal scored the fourth goal. WALCOT is the scorer.

77 minutes: Derby scored the second goal. EARNSHAW was the scorer.

75 minutes: Derby has a free kick and now a corner.

72 minutes: A good attack from Derby but saved by the Arsenal goal keeper.

69 minutes: Arsenal had a corner but the head was not good.

66 minutes: Derby attacked but cleared by Arsenal's defense.

63 minutes: Walcot missed an easy chance for Arsenal

60 minutes: Arsenal Scored the third goal.ADEBAYOR is the scorer.

58 minutes: Arsenal missed an easy chance

55 minutes: Arsenal is trying for the third goal

52 minutes: Arsenal on attack.

49 minutes: a good attack by Arsenal but the shot was wide.

46 minutes: a corner by Arsenal changed to another corner. in the second time the goal keeper caught the ball.

45 minutes: first half time has finished. arsenal is leading 2-1. Come back after few minutes for second half action.

42 minutes: Derby attacked but nothing happened.

39 minutes: Arsenal scored the second goal. VANPERSI is scorer.

36 minutes: Derby Attacked but it was a poor one

33 minutes: Arsenal attacked but the shot was very high.

30 minutes: Derby has squalized from a free kick. THe score is now 1-1

27 minutes: Van Persie missed perhaps easiest chance of the match

25 MInutes: Arsenal has scored the first goal. Derby gifted the goal to Arsenal. Bendtner scored the goal and it is his 4th Premier league for him

22 minutes: Arsenal attacked but a poor attack.

19 minutes: First a good attack from Derby and then from Arsenal.

16 minute: corner for Arsenal

13 minutes: Derby got a freekick and now a corner.

10 minutes: IN the first 10 miuntes, Derby has played better football.

6 minutes: Arsenal got the first real chance of the match but Derby was lucky not to concede a goal

3 minutes: Derby has a freekick but quicly taken

0 minute: The match has started. Be with us for live updates.

The match will start within a minute or two.

The match will start very soon. So, be here and read some other entries from this blog.

Derby County vs Arsenal match will kick off 20:00 BST. So, there are few hours left before the match begins. Here, in this post entry we will be giving online live score and updates of the match. So, be our guest and enjoy the live text commentary. To get the latest update, you just need to refresh the page after every few minutes.

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