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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bangalore Royal Challengers vs Kolkata Knight Riders: Preview and Live Score

If you want to get the online live score and update of the Bangalore Royal Challengers vs Kolkata Knight Riders match then visit the following links:

Bangalore Royal Challengers vs Kolkata Knight Riders: Live Score and Update

The first match of Indian Premier League (IPL) will take place on this Friday and there are less than 48 hours to go. The opening match will be Bangalore Royal Challengers vs Kolkata Knight Riders. The match will take place in Bangalore and it will be a home match for the Royal Challengers. So, for Kolkata Knight Riders it will be an away match. This match has caused a lot of excitement among the cricket fans in both West Bengal and Bangalore. This is something that is new for Indian cricket fans. They have the domestic league which is called Ranji Trophy in which teams of the states participate but Ranji Trophy has failed to create the amount of excitement that IPL could generate within few weeks. Now, let us talk about the opening match.

First, I would like to talk about the Bangalore team as it is the home team of this match. Dr. Vijay Mallya is the owner of Bangalore Royal Challengers and he paid $111.6 million. In fact, after the Mumbai team it was the highest revenue generated team among the eight teams. So, you can understand that the owner of the Bangalore Royal Challengers is a very serious person and he has tried a lot to include some good players in his team. If you talk about money then he should not disregard Kolkata Knight Riders either. Shah Rukh Khan is the man behind Kolkata Knight Riders; and he together with Juhi Chawla Mehta and her husband owned the club and they have paid a lot of money to Kolkata Knight Riders too. They have also paid a lot of money to get all the players. Shah Rukh Khan has bee very active in promoting the club and the inclusion of the Sourav Ganguly has attracted the attention of lot of people in West Bengal about Kolkata Knight Riders. In fact, Shah Rukh Khan is very busy these days promoting his club day and night.

The match will take place in M. Chinnaswamy Stadium. It is one of the top cricket stadiums in India and is the home ground of Bangalore Royal Challengers in IPL. Bangalore Royal Challengers players may think that they will have an edge because it is their home ground but here I like to remind you that Sourav Ganguly has some good memories in this stadium. So, it will be mainly a batting friendly pitch and the team who can bat well will dominate the match.

Now, let us talk about some players of the two teams. The bad news for the Royal Challengers is that Anil Kumble is uncertain for the opening match. He is not yet hundred percent fit. Another bad news is that Nathan Bracken will not be available for the opening match. So, Bangalore Royal Challengers will surely miss these two important players. However, Bangalore Royal Challengers has some quality players. Rahul Dravid is the captain and Rahul Dravid is a very successful cricket player for India. In batting line up, Rahul Dravid mainly has to depend on Shivnarine Chanderpaul and Misbah-ul-Haq. He can also get some support from Mark Boucher who is a good wicketkeeper and can hit the ball strong too. However, the key player to Bangalore Royal Challengers should be Jacques Kallis. I think that Jacques Kallis will be the main player in batting for Royal Challengers in Indian premier league. The good news for Bangalore Royal Challengers is that both Kallis and Mark Boucher will stay in India and will play for Royal Challengers in the opening match. As far as bowling is concerned, Bangalore Royal Challengers will have to depend mostly on Zaheer Khan. Jacques Kallis can also bowl very well. So, I think that a lot will depend on how Jacques Kallis and Zaheer Khan can bowl in the opening match against Kolkata Knight Riders.

As for Kolkata Knight Riders, Sourav Ganguly is the key man. He may not be a very good player in Twenty20 format but he is a great captain and Kolkata Knight Riders will depend a lot on his captaincy. Ganguly will have Ricky Ponting who is perhaps the greatest captain of our time. So, Ganguly will get a lot of help from Ricky Ponting when it comes to taking care of the team. Ricky Ponting is a very good Twenty20 format player. So, Ricky Ponting and Sourav Ganguly will be the key in their batting. Tatenda Taibu of Zimbabwe is also good at batting and he can help too. As for all rounder, the key will be Brendon McCullum, Chris Gayle and Ajit Agarkar. In bowling, Kolkata team looks very young, inexperience and weak. Shoaib Akhtar might not be available because he is suspended by PCB. Umar Gul and Salman Butt are busy playing for Pakistan at this moment and they may not play in the opening match. So, Kolkata Knight Riders will surely miss these two players: Salman Butt and Umar Gul. Chris Gayle is also not sure because Chris Gayle is traveling a lot and is going to be in Bangalore in Friday morning. He may be very tired. So, Kolkata Knight Riders will have to depend a lot on their batting to cover up their bowling weakness. The only good thing is that they have a very good batting line up.

Now, the question comes who will win in the opening match. I said earlier that both the clubs have some great players and at the same time they have some problems. I think that the key will lie in batting. Whoever can bat very well will win the match. This is going to be a batting friendly pitch and the bowling departments of both of the teams have become significantly weak after the absence of some key bowlers. Considering the home advantage, I would like to say that Bangalore Royal Challengers is the favorite to win the opening match.

You can watch the match live this match in different TV channels and just go though some of the entries of this month in this blog and you can find all the information you need abut watching the match live in television channel from your part of the world. The good thing is that IPL will be broadcast almost every continent in the world and wherever you live, I think, you can watch the match live.

Of course, not everyone can enjoy TV channels as they may be busy with works. The good news is that a lot of websites will cover the match live and they will give live scor e and update. So, you can also enjoy live score in different websites and I am giving a list of the websites that you can enjoy the match live.














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