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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Real Madrid vs AS Roma: Live Score and Updates

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Real Madrid (1)---- Roma (2)

Final Result: AS ROma has won the match by 2-1. End of the road for Real Madrid.

94 MInutes: AS Roma has won the match by 2-1

92 MInutes: Real Madrid out of CHampions League 2007-08. AS Roma has scored the second goal just now.

91 MInutes: Freekick for AS ROma

90 Minutes: 4 minutes of injury time now. The last 4 minutes for Real to do something

89 MInutes: Time is running out for Real Madrid. They desperately need one goal to put the match in extra time.

86 MInutes: Freekcik for AS Roma

84 MInutes: Now, yellow card show to AS ROma player. This is the 11th card of the match. Freekick for Real Madrid.

81 MInutes: Guti of Real Madrid now shown yellow card.

79 MInutes: Corner for Real Madrid. Real Madrid is playing so well despite the fact that they are 1 man short.

75 MInutes: Can you believe that Real Madrid has scored a goal under ten men? Yes, the match score now is 1-1. Not everythign is lost for Real.

73 MInutes: AS ROma has scored the first goal of the match. Lovely header in the end from Tadei. Roma is leading 1-0

70 MInutes: Pepe of Real Madrid shown red card and Real Madrid is now down to 10 men.

66 MInutees; Very bad luck for AS Roma. Their shot came off Real Madrid goalpost.

65 Minutes: CHange of player for AS ROma

63 MInutes: Freekick for Real Madrid.

60 MInutes: Change of player for Real madrid.

58 MInutes: Corner for Real Madrid but very poorly taken

56 MInutes: Good attck from Roma. Mancini provided a nice cross

53 MInutes: BOth teams are looking for a goal.

50 MInutes: Good atttack from AS Roma. Heinze saved Real from the goal line

48 MInutes: Bad luck for Real Madrid. Baptista fired a shot and it hit the AS Roma goal post.

46 MInutes: Freekick for Real Madrid.

Second half will start wtinin a minute. So, be with us.

45 MInutes: First half has finished goalless. Comeback within a few minutes for second half action.

44 MInutes: COrner for AS Roma

41 MInutes: Yellow card shown to As Roma player

40 MInutes: Still goalless. Real Madrid on attack.

35 MInutes: Freekick for Real Madrid.

33 MInutes: Lovely attack from Real Madrid but weak shot from baptista

30 MIuntes: Freekick for ROma

27 MInutes: First freekick and tehn corner for Real Madrid.

24 Minutes: Lovely play from Mancini and Roma has got a corner.

21 MInutes: baptista missed a great chance for Real Madrid.

20 MInutes: Freekick for Real Madrid and yellow card shown to AS Roma 11 Taddei

18 Minutes: Bad luck for AS Roma. They missed two chances in 30 second. First shot struck Real madrid goal post and then shot was saved to corner by Madrid goalkeeper.

16 MInutes: Freekick for Real Madrid.

14 MInutes: Yellow card shown to Heinze of Real Madird

13 MInutes: Corner for Real Madrid and bad luck. They should have scored.

11 minutes: Freekick for Real Madrid

9 MInutes: Freekick for AS Roma.

7: Corner for AS Roma

4 MInutes: Good attack from Real Madrid

1 MInute: THe match has started and Real Madrid has the first attack.

The match will start within a minute or two. So, dont go anywhere. Read some old entries of this blog.

The mouth watering Real Madrid vs AS Roma match kicks off within an hour. Here, we will be giving live score and updates of the match after every few minutes. So, if you are interested to get the text commentary of the match then be with us and refresh the page after every few minutes in order to get the latest update of the match.

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