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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Arsene Wenger Angry at Bentley’s Advice for Walcott to Leave Arsenal

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger criticized former Arsenal player David Bentley for his recent comment that Theo Walcott should leave Arsenal seeking for a bright future, following the way he did two years ago. Mr. Wenger reacted heavily on the comment made by the Blackburn Rovers midfielder. Wenger found out lack of competitive mentality behind the reason of Bentley’s such remark.

David Bentley started his career in Arsenal when he joined the club as a trainee in 2001. However, the winger failed to win a regular place in Wenger’s starting line up which led him to quit the club in 2006, the same year Walcott joined Arsenal as a wonder boy of 16. Bentley is now playing in the starting line up of Blackburn Rovers regularly. Having found a successful career since leaving Arsenal, Bentley now advised Walcott to follow his feat looking for a successful career. Walcott also failed to win a regular place of Wenger’s starting line up yet with 28 appearances this season in which 13 was as a substitute.

However, Mr. Wenger said that Walcott had a bright future ahead of him in Arsenal. Pointing out competition for a place makes a player better; Wenger said that Walcott would build himself in Arsenal.

Football.guardian reported:

"Bentley is entitled to his opinions but it doesn't mean he's right," Wenger said. "I don't know why one player should incite another to leave his club. It's not his job. When you are at one of the biggest clubs in the world you have to accept competition. If you accept it, competition makes you better. If you do not then you have to move down and accept no longer being at the top. Theo will establish himself here. People forget he is still very young."

I personally think that Wenger is one of those rare coaches who can read the insight of a player. He signed Walcott in a record deal among the players of his age. So, it is obvious that Wenger must have seen something in Wenger. So, if Theo Walcott continues in Arsenal then I see a good future ahead of him at Arsenal. Ediardo’s injury has increased Walcott’s chances to come into the squad more regularly.

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