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Monday, March 31, 2008

Arsenal vs Liverpool Champions League: Preview and Live Score

If you are interested to get the online live score and updates of the Liverpool vs Arsenal second leg of quarter final match of Champions League then visit the following link:

Liverpool vs Arsenal Champions League: Online Live Score and Updates

It is the time for Champions League quarter final for 2007-2008 season. You know that four clubs of English premier league have qualified for the quarter finals of UEFA Champions League 2007-08. It is good news for English clubs and in 2nd April Arsenal is going to face Liverpool in the quarter final. The match will take place at the Emirates Stadium which is the home of Arsenal. That is why, Arsenal will perhaps have the home advantage in the match. The kick off time is 19:45 GMT and you can watch the match live in many TV channels across the world. In South Asia, the UEFA Champions League matches are broadcast live in Ten Sports and Zee Sports. In East Asia, I think ESPN and Star Sports have the rights to show UEFA Champions League matches.

The bad news for English football fans is that two English clubs Arsenal and Liverpool are going to face each other in the quarter final. So, it is sure that one English club will be eliminated in this quarter final. On the other hand, the good news is that one English club will for sure play in the semi final. So, now both the fans of Arsenal and Liverpool are eagerly waiting for 2nd April. Well, the fans of these two clubs have plenty to cheer about because Arsenal and Liverpool are going to face each other three times in the next few days. Two of the matches will take place in the Champions League. As I said earlier, the first match will be held in the Emirates Stadium on 2nd April 2008 and then on 8th April 2008 Liverpool will entertain Arsenal at Anfield.

For Arsenal, this is perhaps the most important match of the season. Arsenal is already out of FA Cup and Carling Cup and they have very little chance of becoming champion in Premier League. In fact, most Arsenal fans will be happy even if Arsenal can become the runners up in the premier league. So, now, Arsenal fans have only the UEFA Champions League to hope for. Arsenal have never won this tournament before and the closest Arsenal could go was two years ago when they lost to Barcelona in the final 2006. In the first, Arsenal was often criticized as a club that is very string in England but very week in Europe. Well, in the last few years this matter has changed and Arsenal has been consistently doing well in Champions League. Even this season Arsenal has been playing very well in the Champions League and in the last round Arsenal convincingly defeated AC Milan who was the reigning champion of UEFA Champions League. This win has convinced many people that Arsenal has really become matured and Arsenal players are now equally good in playing in Europe. Earlier today, Arsenal went to Bolton and played against Bolton. At this match, Bolton first took a 2-0 lead and also Arsenal lost a player for red card. So, Arsenal was down to ten men and 0-2 down but Arsenal young players showed some remarkable strength and came back to win the match at 3-2. If today Arsenal had lost the match then there would be no hope in the English premier league title race for this season. So, Arsenal players are now in very confident mode and they will expect something exceptional in the Champions league.

On the other hand, Liverpool is always strong in Europe and Liverpool has won Champions League for few times. So, Liverpool players highly experienced in UEFA Champions League and in the last few years they are doing very well. Liverpool has been doing very bad in English Premier League but they have remained strong in Europe. The good part for Liverpool is that at this moment they are gradually coming back in English Premier League and Liverpool players are hopefully that they can become third or fourth in English Premier League. Right now, judging from the performance, Liverpool may be fourth in English Premier League this season but Liverpool fans are hoping that the club can secure the third position in Premier league so whatever happens in Champions League then can qualify for next season Champions League from England. However, Liverpool fans do not want to lose to Arsenal because this is a match they must win. Liverpool is also out of every competition this season. The Champions League is the only thing they have to look for at this moment. Since the club has done very well in the last five years in Champions League. The fans are hoping that Liverpool will have little problem to eliminate Arsenal from the quarter final.

For Arsenal, I think that three players will be key to their success. The first player is Cesc Fabregas. He is the players of the current Arsenal side and he is becoming matured. In the last match against Milan in Champions League, Cesc Fabregas played superbly and was the main hero before Arsenal’s success. Fabregas is just 21 years old and he has become one of the top midfielders in English Premier League today. In fact, he is also good at scoring goals and this season he has scored a number of goals. Many people compare him with Cristiano Ronaldo of Manchester United. Cristiano Ronaldo has scored more goals but I think that Fabregas has tougher task because in Manchester United there are a number of star players but in the current Arsenal side Fabregas is the most famous player. He has some young teammates and his work is much tougher than Cristiano Ronaldo. So, if Arsenal wants to win against Liverpool then Fabregas has to play more crucial role. The second player that Arsenal will look forward to is the striker Emmanuel Adebayor who has scored most goals for Arsenal in this season. In the last match against Bolton, Adebayor was put in the bench by Arsene Wenger for the next few matches. However, when Arsenal was trialing by 0-2 then Arsene Wenger brought Adebayor in the field and he was instrumental in helping Arsenal to win the match. Well, the thing that is making Arsenal fans worried is a fact that in the last few matches Adebayor is not getting goals. Of course, his presence is very important in the match. You can talk about Robin van Persie too as the third person for Arsenal team but I think that more than Robin van Persie Arsenal fans are now looking to their goal keeper Manuel Almunia. Almunia is in superb form in this season and he is playing so well that most Arsenal fans perhaps have forgot the name of their first choice goal keeper Jens Lehmann. Even in the match against Bolton, Almunia was the player to deny Bolton a win in the match. He saved a number of important saves for his team and it helped Arsenal to stop Bolton at two goals. The problem with van Persie is that he was injured for a long time and he has not still got back his form and rhythm. So, van Persie is perhaps not the player that Arsenal fans will expect too much at the match against Liverpool. However, I think that van Persie has a great talent and in the past he was a very impressive player for the club and his national side Dutch national football team. So, let us see how van Persie can play against Liverpool in the UEFA Champions League quarter final.

For Liverpool, I think the most important player is Steven Gerrard. He has been a loyal Liverpool player for many years now and he has become frustrated and frustrated to see that his club has not won any English Premier League champions title. Well, Liverpool fans are still looking for something special from Gerrard in the match against Arsenal. I also think that Gerrard is great threat to Arsenal defense and if Gerrard can get his…..in the night then Arsenal will have really tough time to stop him. After Gerrard Liverpool players will also depend on their Argentine striker. He is also in great shape and great form this season and he is getting some healthy amount of goals. Liverpool’s main problem is that they are not consistent in this season. In some match they are playing very well but in some matches they are disappointing everyone. Of course, in UEFA Champions League until now Liverpool has maintained good form but in England Liverpool has frustrated all the fans. There is a lot of pressure on Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez. If Liverpool does bad in the match against Arsenal in Champions League then there will be more pressure on manager Rafael Benitez to retire. Liverpool manager will play that his two key players Fernando Torres and Steven Gerrard can produce some magic and defeat Arsenal.

Arsenal vs Liverpool Champions League: Online Live Score and Updates

If you can not manager your time to watch the match live on television then you can visit the following links of online live score websites from where you can get the online live score and updates of the match.



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It is going to be a tough match for both the teams and it is the first of the three match spell within one week. So, the players will have much to look. Liverpool players, I think, will go for rough playing because Arsenal players are very young and any kind of physical match will put Liverpool in an advantage. Of course, going for a rough match may not be the best interest for Liverpool because Arsenal has some players with good speed and they can produce goals out of nowhere. On the other hand, Liverpool is more dependent on three or four players for their results. If these three or four players can perform well then Liverpool will surely do well but they perform bad then Liverpool will suffer a lot. I am not sure which team will win the match but judging from the current form I think that Arsenal is more likely to win the match because Arsenal has come back very strongly and their players are now very confident.

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