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Friday, February 01, 2008

Sir Alex Ferguson Pays Tribute to the Victims of Munich Tragedy

Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson has recently said that the Munich tragedy has built the ground for today’s Manchester Untied. A home bound Manchester United team suffered a place crash in Munich in 1958, which took away 23 lives including eight players of Manchester United. From then on they had to build up the whole team to survive in the premier league.

Ferguson, a teenager of that time, has given his tribute to those who lost their live on the Munich tragedy. He also thinks that the way the team was rebuilt by Sir Matt Busby, who made the foundation of the club with the like of George Best and Bobby Charlton and few buys like Denis Law.

IOL reported:

"What we see today has all its foundations back in those days," he said.
"All those young players lost their lives before they had even started to really enjoy their football. It was a terrible tragedy for them, but it probably brought us a great deal of sympathy. From there on, the romance has built, purely because of the way Matt rebuilt the team and won the European Cup in 1968.
"He did it the right way. In the final itself, eight or nine of the team members were products of the club. That's an amazing feat."

Ferguson has also been a successful manager of Manchester United who ended their quest for a premier league title for 26 years after winning the premier league title in 1993. However, there is no doubt that after the Munich tragedy, Sir Matt Busby played a crucial role to build up a team from the beginning.

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