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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Chelsea vs Tottenham Hotspur Carling Cup Final 2008: Live Score and Live Updates

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Chelsea (1) vs Tottenham Hotspur (2)

ET 33 Minutes: Tottenham has won the match 2-1 is the champion of Carling League Cup 2008.

ET 32 Minutes: Chelsea supporters are leaving

ET 31 Minutes: Yellow card shown to Lennon of Tottenham.

ET 30 Minutes: 3 minutes of injury time now

ET 29 Minutes: Corner for Chelsea

ET 28 Minutes: Corner for Chelsea

ET 27 Minutes: Joe Cole got a easy chance. he shot but saved by Tottenham goalkeeper again

ET 25 Minutes: Tottenham had a good counter attack

ET 22 Minutes: Scary moments for Tottenham. Their goalkeeper did a breathe taking save

ET 19 minutes: Chelsea is trying for a goal desperately. Lampard put a good pass but it was offside

ET 17 Minutes: Corner for Chelsea but bad finishing

ET 16 Minutes: Extra time second half has started. be with us for live updates

ET 15 Minutes: First half finished. Tottenham is leading by 2-1. C0me back within 2 minutes for second half of extra time

ET 14 Minutes: Yellow card shown to Carvalho of Chelsea

ET 12 Minutes: Change of player for Tottenham. Robby Keane is leaving the field. He played so well. I do not know why he was replaced

Et 10 Minutes: Free kick for Chelsea and good one and Chelsea has a corner now

ET 8 minutes: Change of player for Chelsea

ET 6 Minutes: Yellow card shown to Mikel of Chelsea

Et 4 Minutes: Tottenham has scored and now leading by 2-1. Woodgate is the scorer

ET 3 Minutes: Free kick for Tottenham

ET 1 Minute: Tottenham has the first attack.

Extra has started so be with us for live action

90 minutes: Full time has finished. The match is 1-1. Come within 2 minutes for extra time action

89 Minutes: Free kick for Tottenham

88 Minutes: Change of player for Chelsea

87 Minutes: Will the match go to extra time?

83 Minutes: Lovely turn from Robby Keane and good cross too but Chelsea survivied

80 Minutes: Real bad luck for TOttenham. They lost easiest chance of the match.

78 Minutes: Tottenham attacked but Keane's cross failed to find anyone

75 Minutes: Another change of player for Tottenham

73 Minutes: Good attack for Chelsea but Tottenham goalkeeper saved and corner for Chelsea

71 Minutes: Now Tottenham players feel inspired and excited and are playing some better. Free kick for Chelsea

69 Minutes: Tottenham scores and it was taken so nicely by Berbatov. Score is now 1-1

68 Minutes: Penalty given to Tottenham Hotsput becuase of handball of a Chelsea player

65 Minutes: Lovely attack from Chelsea and lovely run by Anelka.

63 Minutes: Good luck for Totenham that they did not concede the second goal

61 Minutes: Change of player for Tottenham

60 Minutes: Corner for Tottenham

58 Minutes: Free kick for Tottenham but then counter attack from Chelsea

55 Minutes: Chelsea is playing better now.

52 Minutes: Good attack from Chelsea

47 minutes: Chelsea is in attack

Second Half time is starting now

45 Minutes: End of first half and Chelsea leading by 1-0. Come back within a few minutes for live second half action

44 minutes: Tottenham supporters and players wanted a penalty but the referee did not agree

43 Minutes: Tottenham is on the attack now

40 Minutes: Lovely turn and shot from Robby Keane but not good enough in the end

38 Minutes: First goal of the match from Drogba of Chelsea. Chelsea is leading by 1-0

37 minutes: First yellow card of the match shown to Zokora of Tottenham. Freekick for Chelsea.

35 Minutes: Free kick for Chelsea

33 Minutes: Free kick for Chelsea

32 Minutes: Corner for Chelsea

31 Minutes: Free kick for Chelsea

30 Minutes: Score is still goalless. Only 15 minutes left in the first half

27 Minutes: Lovely attack from Tottenham and corner.

26 Minutes: Corner for Chelsea

24 Minutes: Free kick for Tottenham

22 Minutes: Tottenham is on attack

19 minutes: Free kick for Tottenham. Good kick too but the head of Berbatov was very wide

17 Minutes: The match is full of excitement and attacks.

15 Minutes: Chelsea is trying to come back in the match.

13 minutes: good attack from Chelsea

11 Minutes: Free kick for Tottenham

9 Minutes: Bad luck for Tottenham. First a head from corner hit Chelsea post and then the head of Barbatov was just wide.

8 Minutes: A corner for Tottenham now. They have got 2 corners in the first 8 minutes

7 Minutes: At last, a rare attack from Chelsea but Tottenham goal keeper had the easiest ball to collect

5 minutes: Tottenham again threatened. In the first 5 minutes: Tottenham attacked 5 times so far.

3 Minutes: Again good attack from Hotspur but this time Chelsea defense could block. Again Tottenham attacked

1 Minute: First attack from Tottenham Hotspur. Roby Kean almost scored a goal and they have got a corner.

0 Minute: The match has started just now. We will provide live score and updates

The match of Chelsea vs Tottenham Hotspur Carling Cup Final 2008 will start at 15:00 GMT today. We will try to provide live updates of the match. Come back that time for live score and updates.

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