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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Arsenal vs AC Milan Champions League: Live Score and Live Updates

For live score of AC Milan vs Arsenal Champions League match, visit the following link:

AC Milan vs Arsenal: Live Score and Live Updates

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Arsenal (0)-- AC Milan (0)

90 MInutes: Match has finsihed goalless.

82 MInutes: Still goalless. Time is running out for the two teams.

75 MInutes: Just 15 minutes left.

65 MInutes: Just 25 minutes left for Arsenal to score a goal.

57 MInutes: No goal yet.

49 MInutes: Good attack from Arsenal but the shot was wide.

47 MInutes: Second half has started and no change in score ling so far.

45 MInutes: First half finished and no one could score. Come within a few minutes for second half action.

43 MInutes: Arsenal fans unhappy with refree's decision. They thought that they got a corner.

40 Inutes: 5 minutes to half time. Score is still goalless. Arsenal is playing better in the match.

37 MInutes: Arsenal is oon the attack again. Good cross from Clichy but Adabeduyl took a weak head that did not bother anyone.

34 MInutes: Freekick for Arsenal from dangerous area and Fabregas took it.

31 minutes: Good cross from Sanjya but no Arsenal player could get it.

27 MInutes: AC Milan had a good chance from the edge of penalty box but very bad finsihingl.

24 MInutes: LOvely ball from Fabregas but Adabeuyl sht was too wide.

21 MInutes: Corner for Arsenal but nothing hapened.

19 MInutes: Freekick for AC Milan.

15 MInutes: AC Millan is on attack

8 MInutes: Lovely attack from Arsenal but head of Adabeul was weak in the end.

3 MInutes: Arsenal on attack but nothing happened.

Arsenal vs AC Milan match is going to kick off within two hours. You can get live score and updates of the match in this post. We will be giving updates of the match after every few minutes when the match starts. So, be with us and enjoy the text commentary of the match. The match will kick off 19:45 GMT.


  1. Anonymous1:15 PM

    "65 MInutes: Just 25 minutes left for Arsenal to score a goal."

    So certain it's not going to be Milan, then, aren't you, lol?

  2. Anonymous1:19 PM

    Hope it will be Milan! :)

  3. cheers for AC Milan --they will blow Arsenal this time..