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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

AC Milan vs Arsenal: Live Score and Live Updates

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AC Milan (0)---- Arsenal (2)

Arsenal has won the match.

94 MInutes: Arsenal has won the match by 2-0 and now in the quarterfinal of UEFA Champions league

92 MInutes: Arsenal has scored the second goal.

90 MInutes: Now, 4 minutes of added time to be played. Arsenal just needs to hold on

89 MInutes: Arsenal goalkeeper is slightly injured now. Change fof player for Arsenal. Gilbarto comes in the field in place of Flamini

86 MInutes: Milan has to score now 2 goals in the last few minutes becuase Arsenal has scored an away goal. Even if the score is 1-1 then Arsenal will forward to next round.

84 MInutes: Goaaaaaaaaal. Out of no where, Fabregas shot from a long distance and Arsenal is now leading by 1-0

82 MInutes: Good attack from Milan but easily collected by Arsenal goalkeeper

80 minutes: Just 10 minutes left of normal time.

79 MInutes: Milan fans wanted a corner but did not get

74 MInutes: What a chance for Arsenal! They should have scored.

72 MInutes: Freekick for Milan

68 MInutes: CHange of player for Milan. Ingazhi comes out from the field.

66 MInutes: Milan attacked but off side

60 MInutes: Arsenal on attack again.

56 MInutes: Freekick for Milan and yellow card shown to Arsenal 27 Eboue

54 Minutes: Corner for Milan

53 Minutes: Arsenal defense is very good at the moment. In two minutes, they could trap Milan forwards to offside twice.

50 MInutes: Arsenal again attacked and again a great opportunity but bad finishing in the end.

48 MInutes: Arsenal is again playing very well. Senderos missed an easy chance

46 MInutes: Second half has just started. Be with us for live updates of the match.

45 MInutes: First half has finished. COme back wtihin a short time for second half action.

43 MInutes: AC Milan players are finding it difficiult to fight against Arsenal defense

40 MInutes: Freekick for AC Milan

38 MInutes: the match is still goalless. The best spell for Arsenal in the match. They dominated the match in the last 10 minutes and now tehy have a freekick.

36 MInutes: Arsenal again attacked.

34 MInutes: Bad luck for Arsenal. Fabregas shot defeated the AC Milan goalkeeper but hit the goalpost.

32 MInutes: Best time for Arsenal in the match. IN the last 4 minutes, tehy attacked 4 times.

30 MInutes: ANother corner for Arsenal.

28 MInutes: Cornet for Arsenal

24 MInutes: Arsenal is attacking. Arsenal is playing some better now

21 MInutes: Freekifk for Arsenal.

19Minuutes: Corner for Milan

17 MInutes: Lovely run from Clichy of Arsenaland Milan is now in counter attack

14 MInutes: INgazi missed an easy chance for Milan

12 MInutes: Lovely counter attack from Arsenal.

10 MInutes: First a freekick and then a corner for AC Milan

9 MInutes: AGain a corner for AC Milan.

8 minutes: Corner for AC Milan

7 minutes: Long distance shot from Arsenal number 13 Helb but it was too high.

5 MInutes: Freekick for Arsenal

2 Minutes: Arsenal is in attack.

The match has started. So, be with us.

The players of the two teams are now warming up at San Siro stadioum. So, be with this in this blog and read some other entries before the live updates begin.

The UEFA Champions League match will start at 19:45 GMT.

Come back to this blog for live score and live updates of the match AC Milan vs Arsenal in UEFA Champions League 2007-08.

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