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Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Word “Ptochocracy” Means Something, but What?

The word ptochocracy is derived from Greek word ptochos- meaning beggar, and kratos- meaning power. Well, still the word ptochocracy does not make any sense. Actually, I found the word in an article titled “What is ptochocracy: Government by the poor?” where the writer has also revealed that he could not find any information regarding the word, except some dictionary meaning which shows ptochocracy means Government by the poor.

The writer found the word in google trends. That means, there is something related to ptochocracy, which people are now attracted to. As many people are now searching for this word, it is sure that the word means something meaningful, apart from just Government by the poor. Then what is it? I do not know. It is really very interesting that something has become so popular, without being caught up in the media. If you want to read the full story then follow the link given below:

What is ptochocracy: Government by the poor?

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