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Monday, January 28, 2008

Skyfire Browser to Make Browsing Easier for Mobile Phone Users

It has not been long since, the technology of web browsing though mobile phone has been introduced to among the mobile phone users and the technology is yet to reach the every part of the world. However, the way we browse though computer was not possible for smart phones. Even not all of the websites were accessible though mobile phone except some embedded sites which are designed for the smart phone.

Now, it seems that the sun has started shining at last with the advent of Skyfire mobile browser. Though Safari came into the market with lots of hopes, it could not satisfy every way. Safari does not support flash. Skyfire has some attractive features for the smart phone users. The users of smart phone can get the real look of a website using Skyfire browser. You will have access to all the websites available in the net though Skyfire with the support of dynamic Flash, advanced Ajax, Java. Moreover, you will be bale to navigate the websites at similar speed as you are used to do in computer.

Informationweek reported:

Well, Skyfire does, and more. Skyfire lets smartphone users experience the real Web. With it, you can access and interact with any Web site built with any Web technology, including dynamic Flash, advanced Ajax, Java and more, at the same speeds you're accustomed to on your PC. Skyfire will let you view sites such as YouTube without having to go to a mobile-optimized version of the site.

Google and Mozilla are also trying to introduce browser for smart phone users and it is expected that they will be able to unveil their browser this year. However, at this moment, Skyfire does not have big competitor. So, it is a big chance for Skyfire to grab the market share as much as possible. Now, let us see if Skyfire can satisfy the users of smart phone.

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