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Monday, January 28, 2008

All About LG KF600 Venus

LG has recently made its new model mobile phone, LG KF600, public. This is the GSM version handset of its popular model, LG Venus. You can also say that LG KF600 is the counterpart of CDMA-enabled LG Venus VX8800. The new version, LG KF600 Venus was initially thought to be marketed only in China. However, LG bosses later moved from that decision and the handset is set to be reached in other countries of the world in February 2008. Besides China, LG KF600 has already been available in Brazil, Mexico, Turkey and reportedly a few Asian countries.

Image Source: phonemag

I think, you are eager to know the specialty of LG KF600, a Venus look-alike hand set. In the first place, it is a slider phone which is like a conventional slider phone with attractive design. The dual screen display of LGKF600 with some picturesque graphic themes of user interface makes it one of the most attractive stylish sets of LG. Graffiti artist Keith Haring made the graphics.

However, the feature which would likely to convince you to buy a LG KF600 is its touch sensitive user interface pad, dubbed InteractPad. Yes, InteractPad was also included in the LG Venus’s CDMA version. The front screen of LG KF600 is split into two parts in which bottom half is InteractPad and the top half is used for display.

What is InteractPad?

InteractPad is the touch sensitive lower part of the display screen. Using the Interactpad, you can navigate through the menus and other functions of LG KF600 set. What you need is to give your command touching the InteractPad. It makes your task easy to go though the different functions of the menu.

Qsound reported:

Like the Venus, the KF600 features a dual screen interactive touchpad technology dubbed InteractPad, and also has a full numeric slider keypad hidden beneath the large main screen. The true beauty of the KF600 lies not so much in its form factor or design but in its seamless dual display setup on the front panel. The InteractPad, located on the lower half of the front panel, replaces conventional navigation keys with a touch-sensitive display that changes in accordance to the context.

InteractPad is considered to be main attraction of LG KF600. InteractPad changes its interface in accordance to the application being used on the top half screen. InteractedPad has reduced the loads of buttons on the front screen, thus making the display screen bigger. Whenever you touch the pad, it gives a vibration confirming the acceptance of your command.

How to Use InteractPad?

It is very easy to use InteractPad. Within few minutes you will get used to with this pad and gradually you will find it comfortable. You can scroll the menu; go into other functions, for say, games or music. When you are listening music, you will get a music controller in the InteractPad; a gaming controller when you are enjoying games. The interface of the InteractPad will have options needed to snap a picture when you are in Camera application of LG KF600. So, it will be helpful for the users to operate the set.

Ubergizmo reported:

For instance, it functions as intuitive media controls for audio playback, a scroll wheel for long lists, a zoom dial whenever you want to snap images with its 3 megapixel camera, and even provide extra input keys whenever you want to compose a text message.

So, it is almost clear that LG KF600 will help you every bit to enjoy the features given with the phone. It will take less time to operate your phone though InteractPad. What is more, it ensures smooth operating of your set.

Some other features of LG KF600 Venus

Aside from interactPad, LG KF600 has some other attractive features. It has a 3.0 mega pixel camera with the advantage of auto focus. It also provides GPRS/GSM/EDGE connectivity. Users will have access to media player. For data transformation, you will have Bluetooth 2.0 and USB 2.0 support in LG KF600 hand set. It uses microQ® digital audio technology of QSound. The set includes 240×320 QVGA display screen.

Mobilemag reported:

Anyways, the latest LG phone to make use of InteractPad is the LG KF600. Much like the Venus, the KF600 is also a slider phone with a full numeric keypad hidden beneath the large main screen. Key features include a 3MP camera, EDGE/GPRS, USB 2.0, and Bluetooth.

Well, it seems that LG KF600 is going to bring huge success with its attractive features. Though I have not heard anything negative regarding LG KF600 model hand set, its CDMA version, LG Venus received some criticism from some sources. The call quality is reportedly not satisfactory of LG Venus. Using the InteractPad, scrolling is slow and not as smooth as it was expected. These are some of the complains about LG Venus.

Infosyncworld reported:

Touch screen is often used as a gimmick, never reaches full potential. Call quality disappointing. Messaging and Web browsing just average at best.

Anyway, to tell the truth, I could not manage to use LG Venus yet. So, I can not give any confirmation about the complaint arisen regarding LG Venus. However, I have not found any complaint about LG KF600 in the net. Even if the complains of LG Venus are true, the new version will probably not have those problems because LG bosses must have tried their best to avoid those problems in LG KF600 Venus. LG Venus bought huge financial success for LG, despite those criticisms. Now, let us see if LG KF600 Venus follows the feat of LG Venus in terms of popularity among the mobile phone users.

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