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Friday, January 18, 2008

Real Madrid to Continue its Effort to Sign Cristiano Ronaldo

The way Cristiano Ronaldo is playing now, there is no doubt that any team in world will happily include him with the assurance of giving place in the starting line up. Actually, the reality is that Real Madrid, the richest club in the world, is now trying heart and soul to bring the Portuguese star at Bernabeu.

Well, it can not be that much easier for Real Madrid when it comes to the case of a player like Ronaldo. Rumor has it in the air that Real Madrid might offer record-breaking £50 million for Manchester Untied, the second richest club in the world. Money may not be a problem for Manchester Untied, despite the fact that they still have debt and paying a huge amount of interest against it every year.

Christiano Ronaldo has been in an imperious form so far this season with 22 goals from 25 matches for Manchester Untied. He was one of the three nominees for the Fifa World Player of the Year award last year.

Goal.com reported:

Pedja Mijatovic is realistic regarding Ronaldo's situation, but The Sun reports that Real Madrid will always be on standby, waiting for the star man to become in any way available.

“Ronaldo is an exceptional footballer and, although we know signing a player like that is very complicated, we will just have to keep working on it," he said.

“If one day a chance opens up, then we will be there trying to sign him. He’d grace any team in the world.”

Real Madrid has the reputation for signing the star players of the world. However, the side is currently undergoing with less stars that it had even a few years ago. It has nto been a long sicne, Zidane, Ronaldo (Brazil), Roberto Carlos, Figo, Raul and some other world’s best players were plying together for Real Madrid.

So, Real Madrid will definitely try to include Cristiano Ronaldo and I would not be surprised to see him playing for Real Madrid even within a few years.

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