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Friday, January 18, 2008

Reading Turned Down the Trial for Drug Detention Scheme at the Manchester Untied Match

Premier league club Reading has recently turned down an offer to undertake a trial for a drug detection scheme which was supposed to be taken place at the upcoming league match against Manchester United. Following negative reaction from the club supporters, the club ahs immediately cancelled the trial.

ESPN Soccernet reported:

Head of communications Andy West said: 'This was not a police initiative and we simply accepted the offer of a trial from a private company.

'It was never planned to actively search people and the initiative was primarily a training exercise for ICTS, but we do not want to upset supporters so the plans have been cancelled.

'We do not believe, and have never believed, that we have a problem with drugs at Madejski Stadium, and we understand the public reaction to the plans.

'We have no intention of offending any supporters so the trial will not be taking place.'

The match against Manchester United is expected to attract many local fans to be present at the Madejski Stadium tomorrow. However, if the club were stick to the trial, the number of fans could be decreased, which would cost the club financially. Naturally, no club will be happy to face financial problem.

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