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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Oscar 2008 : Official website

Once again Oscar is here folks; the most prestigious film award in USA. Many are afraid that the award show will not take place because of the on going screen writers strike. If that happens then this will be the first time in the history the award show will be canceled. The good thing is that the writers’ guild and directors’ guild are reaching toward somekind of understanding. There is a possibility that the strike will end by the time Oscar arrives.

The 80th Oscar ceremony will be held in the Kodak Theatre. For your information about the Oscar you can visit the following website.

Address: www.oscar.com

Oscar.com is the official promotional site of the Oscar ceremony. The promotional site is jointly produced by ABC.com in partnership with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Homepage: Below the title, on the left, the glowing golden statuette with blue lights coming from below and the city in the background gives you the feeling of elegance and sophistication. Links to other sections can be found below the title of the website.

Nomination: On the homepage, you can have a quick look at the nominees in various categories. For more details, you should go to the nomination section. The nomination list can be found in two versions: list by nominees and nominee list by film.

You can have the printer friendly version of the list of nominees and the printable ballot in pdf version.

Style: The Oscar is also a major event when it comes to style and fashion. The clothes, shoes and ornaments wore by actors and actresses creates new trend in fashion. The section contains three subsections:

Men’s style: Pictures of actors and what they wore in previous Oscar functions.

Women’s style: Contains pictures of various actresses and what they wore in Oscar functions.

Evolution of style: Check out how the fashion on the Oscar day changed from time to time.

Red Carpet: Red carpet is a major fashion platform in Hollywood. The dresses the actors and actresses wear make it to the headlines of thousands of newspapers and magazines around the world the next day. This is a big exposure for the fashion companies and designers. In this section, you can check out the present and past of the red carpet fashion icons.

Oscar Night:
In this section, you can get information about the host of the show and promotion of Oscar award show over cell-phone and internet.

Host bio: Check out the biography of Jon Stewart, the host of the show.
Mobile: How to get the latest information about Oscar over mobile phone.
Want to share news on Oscar with your friends? Then place the cool widgets on your blog, website, or face book profile.
Oscar night in America:
A charity event which has been held for the past fifteen years. Parties are organized locally to view the Oscar show. You can get information about the Oscar Night party in your local area and how to attend it.

Play: Yes, the prediction game of Oscar for the movie fanatics. Sign up and submit your predictions.

Video: Check out the trailers of the nominated movies for the Oscar.

Oscar history: In this section, you can get the history of Oscar award- how the name came up and the famous golden statuete, and posters of movies and earlier Oscar functions.

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