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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Levante vs Real Madrid Live Score and Live Updates

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Levante (0)-- Real Madrid (2)

90 minutes: The match has finished and real madrid has won it 2-0

87 Minutes: Van Nil Rostroy scored the second goal for Real Madrid and there is no hope for Levante

85 MInutes: Lovely run from Riga of Levente but could not cross in the end

80 MInutes: Real Madrid is trying for the second goal

76 MInutes: Penalty and Real Madrid has scored the first goal. Real now leads 1-0

73 MInutes: Real Madrid again painfullly came close of scoring the first goal.

70 MInutes: Real Madrid is very unlucky. Shot of Robinho hit the goalpost.

69 MInutes: Change of player for Levante.

66 Minutes: No match is dominating in the match.

62 MInutes: Free kick for Levante

58 minutes: Attack from Real Madrid and good shot from Gucci too but in the end in the hand of Levante goalkeeper.

53 MInutes; how could Real Madrid miss the goal. Header from Baptista saved and then cleared from the line and with the help of goalpost. Levante was too lucky to escape

48 MInutes: Few scary moments for Real Madrid defense. Levante came real close to score a goal.

46 Minutes: First attack of half from Real Madrid.

45 Minutes: First half finsihed goalless. COmeback wtihin a few minutes

42 Minutes: Real madrdid is trying for a goal.

38 MInutes: Levante again attacked. They are playing confidently today.

33 MInutes: Corner for Levante but lack of good finish

30 Minutes: First yellow card in the match to shown to Tomassi of Levante.

23 MInutes: Two corners for Levante and they are unlucky

21 Minutes: Corner for Real Madrid and cleared off the line.

20 Minutes: Both Levante and Real Madrid have almsot equal performance in the match so far.

14 Minutes: Bad luck for Levante. At then end, they got a corner and almost scored from the corner.

13 Minutes: Good shot from Snider. It was a long shot but stragiht to the hand of Levante goalkeeper.

9 MInutes: Real Madrdid is now pressing for a goal but no real threat for Levantes yet

2 MInutes: First attack from Levante and great save from Real Madrid goalkeeper.

The match will start within 1 few minutes. So, stay here and read some old entries.

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