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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Justine Henin vs Maria Sharapova: Who Will Win

To get live score and updates of Justine Henin vs Maria Sharapova match, visit this link:

Justine Henin vs Maria Sharapova: Live Score and Live Updates


If you ask anyone to make a list of most excited matches of tennis of present time then Henin vs Sharapova match will definitely be in the top of the list. With another Henin vs Sharapova match is approaching, the whole tennis world is now eagerly waiting for it. Justine Henin and Maria Sharapova are going to meet in another much awaiting clash in the quarter final of Australian Open.

Justine Henin and Maria Sharapova both are favorites to win the title of Australian Open 2008. What is more, both Sharapova and Henin are in their prime form at this moment. Neither Henin nor Sharapova dropped any set yet in the tournament so far. This is enough to realize how much dominance they maintained over their opponents in the previous rounds of Australian Open 2008.

If you go back to record book, you can see that out of eight previous meetings, Henin won eight matches, while Sharapova won two matches including the U.S. Open final 2006. The last time they met each other was in WTA Tour Championship final in Madrid where Henin defeated Sharapova in a three set exciting match.

Actually, it is really very tough to predict about the result of a high profile match. Both Justine Henin and Maria Sharapova are pretty confident with their own game and fight till the end of the match. Both of them are very tough to be broken down and possess sheer talent. Moreover, another characteristic of Henin and Sharapova is mental strength. Henin, for example, went though some tough time early in the last year following the breaking up of her marriage, which even forced her to withdrew from Australian Open. However, she came back in the court with the same imperious form and won the French Open 2007 title.

Maria Sharapova, on the other hand, experienced a tough season with recurring shoulder injury leading her to poor form last year. However, the Russian bounced back and has been in an impressive form so far in the tournament.

I think, both of them have similar chance to win the match. Though I think, Justine Henin is more correct in her technical skill, Maria Sharapova has her strong serves to outperform Henin. Henin has more experience than Sharapova. However, I think, it would not be a problem for Sharapova as she is also playing at this level last few years.

This is a high profile match. So, I think, the player will be bale to hold her poise and stick to her own game, will have better chance to win the match. I can easily say that Justine Hein will win the match, or Maria Sharapova will reach the semi final. However, that would not be something meaningful, because I think, making this kind of prediction is nothing more than playing gambling, as both of them have similar chance in the match and both of them are in their prime form. So, let us hope to see an exciting match in the quarter final.

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