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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Former Beauty Queen Kumari Fulbright Accused of Robbing Ex-boyfriend

Kumari Fulbright is a beauty queen of 25. Though she came into lime light with her beauty to a lesser extent, she is now one of the hot google searches. A case was filed in the court which says that Kumari Fulbright coupled with three men threatened to kill her ex-boyfriend and took away wallet, cell phone, briefcase and some cashes.

If you are interested to get the news in detailed, you can follow the article titled “The Amazing Tale of Kumari Fulbright.” I got disappointed with the news through the court decision is yet to come out and it would not be fair to conclude everything right now. However, if the allegation is true that I have to say that Kumari Fulbright has set a bad example for some other beauty queens. Now, let us see what comes out at last through the court decision.

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