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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A Mother from Florida Put her Baby in an Oven

We all know that motherly love for a child is considered to the love of heaven. Naturally, maternal love is badly needed for a child. However, sometimes things happen differently and the conventional love of mother for her child remains absent. Today, while going through the websites I shocked to see an article titled Baby in the Oven and Killing Female Fetus in Womb in South Asia. The article says a mother of Florida state in US had out her child in an oven for no reason. Writer quoted from some news websites about this incident.

Mother Sharlyn Singh put her child in the oven. However, fortunately the oven was not hot enough to cause any serious harm to the baby. As soon as the baby’s uncle heard the baby crying, he rescued the baby from being the victim of such misfortune. Really, the incident is really very pathetic. Writer pointed out another important issue that is often seen in South Asia and that is, killing female fetus. Yes, female children are still considered to be a burden for the parents in many South Asian countries. So, having been confirmed about the female fetus, many parents intentionally give up the fetus. I think, both the incidents- baby in the oven and killing female fetus- indicate that we the people of this civilized world still need to be more civilized to claim so. If you want to know details about this article then click on the following link:

Baby in the Oven and Killing Female Fetus in Womb in South Asia


  1. somebody needs to stick the mother in the oven and turn it up to broil and see how she likes it a little bit. that is just sickening.

  2. it is expected that every mother love her child. and nothing can break the relationship between them. but sometimes exception happens and that also hurt us. this incident also hurt me deeply. i think this mother is suffering from mental problem. I am very happy that the baby is save. if local govt and her relatives doesn't take any steps then she can occur any big incident in future