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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Lakshmi Tatma with Eight Limbs Undergoing a Surgery

Sometimes fate plays with us. It becomes hard to avoid it. The same thing goes for a two year old girl- Lakshmi Tatma who was born with eight limbs. No doubt, it is really very pathetic to get a baby born with eight limbs. Moreover, she was born in a poor family. Her father Shambhu has a farm in Bihar. Father Shambhu and mother Poonam named her after the Goddess Lakshmi, the four-armed goddess of wealth, according to Hindu mythology. The villagers also consider this little girl as the Goddess sent by GOD for the wellbeing of the poor area. I have found this sad news in Southasiabiz where writer made a comprehensive article on this regard.

After her birth, a circus performing party wanted Lakshmi for showing in circuses and offered money in return. It would have been natural that her parents started earning money using her physical disability which is very common among the poor families. However, Lakshmi’s parents turned it down. So, her parents set an exemplary instance of not giving their daughter to the circus party.

Getting the news of her condition, a group of doctors came forward and arranged a 40 hour long surgery to bring Lakshmi into a normal life. After 10 hours of surgery, Lakshmi;s condition is well. Let us pray for a better life of Lakshmi Tatma. If you want to read the full story then follow the following link from Southasiabiz:
Girl with 8 Limbs: Pray for Lakshmi Tatma

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