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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Nokia N 810 internet tablet :The new member of Nokia Family

In Web 2.0 Summit 2007, Nokia has introduced Nokia N810 Internet Tablet. This small internet gadget will always keep you connected to the internet every where you go. This pocket sized device can be attached to Wi-fi hotspot, Bluetooth mobile phone. Using Nokia N810 you can do all the things that you do with a regular desktop computer with internet connection. You can make calls on internet, check mails, watch videos, send messages and chat with your friends, update blogs and many other stuff. Nokia is planning to release it in mid November. The price of the product has been determined $479.

The Nokia N810 has a built-in map and satellite navigation system which helps the user to find his/her way. This cell phone cum mini computer offers Boingo Wireless, Earthlink and The Cloud enable Wi-Fi connectivity services. Nokia N 810 has an integrated GPS receiver which allows the user to pinpoint his/her locations. It also gives you various options of using various routes to your desired locations. The user can also upgrade it to voice-guided navigation system.

Aside from serving you daily necessities at work Nokia N 810 can be a great source of fun and entertainment. When you are traveling with Nokia N 810 you would not need any Wi-fi connection. This small mobile phone cum computer has a 10GB memory card which can store 45 hours of music playback and 75,000 songs. The phone also has a 4.13 inch sharp screen.

Nokia N 810 is powered by maemo Linux based OS2008. The software can be updated on Nokia N800. The customizable user interface gives it one more major advantage. You can use Mozilla Firefox browser with Ajax and Adobe flash 9, Bluetooth headset for watching videos and listening to songs. You can also enjoy skype voice chats, Rhapsody.

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