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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

USA vs Brazil: Women’s World Cup 2007 Second Semi Final Live Score and preview

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USA vs Brazil Live Score and Updates


USA vs Brazil semi final match of Women’s world cup 2007 is now the main attraction of the tournament. The match will be held at the Yellow Dragon Stadium, Hangzhou on 27 September. Ahead of this important match, football fans are now really every excited as they are expected to experience a classic match. No doubt, USA is the most successful team in women’s world cup whereas Brazil won the third place of 1999 Women’s world cup. However, the recent performance of Brazil is really alluring. So, to many, Brazil is hot favorite in the tournament. The way Brazil has been playing in the last few years seems they are coming out to become another football power in women’s football.

Naturally, USA vs Brazil match is now under the lime light and everybody expects to see some exclusive performances from this match. USA has already won two world cup titles whereas Brazil could not yet play any final in women’s world cup. In men’s football, Brazil has dominated the football world for a long time. Though they showed an ordinary performance in the last world cup, Brazil men’s football team is still one of the best in world football. However, Brazil women’s football team does not have any such good track record in world cup. Brazil participated in the first women’s world cup in 1991 but could not impress with their performance as they had to suffer an exit from the group stage. Then in the 1995, Brazil went on to repeat their previous world cup performance and got out from the group stage. So, the first two world cup tournaments were disappointing for Brazil. However, it was in 1999 Brazil came up with their first impressive performance as they reached at the semi final round of that tournament, though could not make it to the final. At last, they defeated Norway in the third place match to win the third place of that world cup.

Brazil could enter into the quarter final of last world cup in 2003 but could not progress to the semi final after suffering a 1-2 defeat to Sweden. However, before the start of the Women’s world cup 2007, Brazil was favorite to win the title. Brazil’s performance in this tournament so far is also impressive and they have the ability to claim their first world cup title in this tournament.

In the first match, Brail defeated New Zealand in style as Brazil scored 5 goals without conceding any goal. Brazil continued their stylish football in the second match as well. They defeated China by 4-0 in their second match. However, in the last group match, Brazil looked not as confident as they did in the previous two matches. Brazil had to struggle to win over Denmark by 1-0. Here important thing is that Brazil did not concede any goal in group stage matches. However, Brazil defense looked volatile against Australia in the quarter final match. Though Brazil won the match by 3-2, their defense has become a major concern for Brazil. No doubt, Brazil has some world class strikers and midfielders but, what they need now is to make their defense stronger ahead of the upcoming match against USA.

On the other hand, USA is one of the best women’s football teams in the world. Their performance in international level has been impressive so far. So, no doubt, they are also favorite to win the title of this world cup. USA was the champion of first Women’s world cup in 1991 and then they went on to win their second world cup title in 1999 world cup. USA is the only team who has two world cup titles. Another impressive record of USA is that they never missed semi final appearance in any world cup tournament yet. It is needless to mention that USA has sheer dominance in women’s football. USA has created some legendary footballers of women’s football. However, USA started this world cup with a poor performance against North Korea as they could come up with a 2-2 draw in the match. USA win their second match against Sweden by 2-0. However, it was in the last match, USA looked ordinary as they come up with a 1-0 win over Nigeria. It is true that USA could qualify for the quarter final stage as the champion in their group, they failed to show their dominance over the opponent teams. However, USA footballer got back their form in their quarter final match as USA won over England by 3-0. So, it is a good news for the USA fans that their players got back their form and now ahead of the match against Brazil, USA must be confident.

For Brazil, the semi final match will be really very crucial as they came to play in this world cup with the hope to win their first ever world cup title. Brazil team is now in their prime form and it is really a big chance for Brazil to win their first women’s world cup. On the other hand, USA could not win the last world cup as Germany was impressive enough to claim the title. So, USA will try their best to win their third title in China.

Now, the big question is that who will win the match. It is very hard to predict anything when both teams have the equal chance to win the match. USA has good track record and they have some experienced players who can be vital in the match against Brazil. On the other hand, Brazil has been playing very well in the last few years and looks balanced. However, they need to keep their defense strong against USA if they want to keep the ball out of their net. So, to me, both teams have the potential to win the match.

USA vs Brazil is a big match in the tournament. So, players also have to battle against huge mental pressure. The team with less pressure will be able to play their natural game and will have better chance to win the match. So, players have to hold their nerves and play positive football. I hope to see a memorable match between these two teams. I think, you also hope the same. Now, let us see if Brazil can get into the world cup final for the first time or USA can keep hope to win another world cup alive.

Online Live Score

I know that many of you are now eagerly waiting to watch the match live in your television set. However, it is also true that some of you do not have access to the television channel that will telecast the match. Many of you will not be able to watch the match because of personal and professional works. However, do not put your head down. Today, I have arranged some website links that allow you to get the live scores of USA vs Brazil match. The links of the websites are as follows:

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ESPN Soccernet


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  1. I actually caught a womens soccer game earlier this year and I was really impressed with the standard and level of football played! I think more people should give it a chance and support this fantastic sport.