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Thursday, September 27, 2007

USA vs Brazil Live Score and Updates

If you want to get the live score of the final match of Confederations Cup 2009 between USA and Brazil, then visit the following link:

USA vs Brazil FIFA Confederations Cup 2009 Final: Live Updates

Humiliating defeat for USA.
Brazil (4)-- USA (0)

90 Minutes: Brazil has won the match by 4-0
87 Minutes: Brazil came very close to score the sixth goal. The shot defeated everyone but hit the goal post.
83 Minutes: Only 7 minutes left and USA is heading for a humiliating defeat.
79 Minutes: Marta scored the 4th goal and it is Marta's second goal of the match.
77 Minutes: Another superb attack from Brazil.
74 Minutes: Another substitution for USA. USA has a corner now.
73 Minutes: Brazil came close to score the fourth goal.
69 Minutes: Good attack from USA but nothing happened.
66 Minutes: A freekick for Brazil but poorly taken.
63: lily missed the easiest chance for USA so far. She got the Brazilian goalkeeper but could not finish well.
60 Minutes:
USA is trying to play bteer now. Tina Elertson has come to play in place Heather.
56 MInutes: Brazil has got the third goal thanks to Christiane.
54 Minutes: Another attack from Brazil. They missed 4 opporutniues in 9 minutes in the second half so far.
51 Minutes: Another chance missed by Mycon of Brazil. Brazil has put all the pressure for getting the third goal.
50 Minutes:
Daniela of Brazil missed a good chance. her shot was just wide. It was a superb attack.
49 Minutes: Yellow card shown to Wambuch of USA. American players are frustrated.
47 Minutes: More than 45 thosuand spectators are watching the match live now.
46 Minutes: Brazil attacked and lacked finishing.
Second Half has started.
First half has finished. Brazil is leading by 2-0. Come after 10 minutes for the second half score.
Brazil has got 2 corners in two minutes. Trying for the third goal.
45 Minutes: Shanon of USA is shown red card and America is now playing with 10 women.
44 Minutes: Brazil number 5 Renata shown yellow card.
43 MInutes: A superb long distance shot from Brazil's Elaine but it was too high.
41 Minutes: Brazil has a freekickbut poorly taken.
38 Minutes: US players are trying to pull back one goal before half time.
35 Minutes: The match is full of excitement. Both teams are playing well.
The match between Brazil and USA is going on now.

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