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Sunday, September 23, 2007

India vs Pakistan: Mahendra Singh Dhoni Thinks It Another ‘Do or Die’ Match

Ahead of the India vs Pakistan match, the whole cricket world is now excited and all are hoping to see another classic match between India and Pakistan. Mahendra Singh Dhoni has said that the final will be another do or die match for India. Actually, Indian captain is trying to inspire his team mates to consider it just a do or die match as India did their match against South Africa and Australia. I think, he wants the players not to take extra pressure as it is an India vs Pakistan match.

Reuters reported:
"So we will treat the final as just another do-or-die match. You need to go on to the field and give 100 percent and not worry too much about the outcome."
"You have to be calm when you make decisions that will have a big impact on the game. If you are calm, you have more chance of making the right decisions, but having several team mates who have played over a hundred international matches really helps too," he said.

The match will have huge excitement and the fans are eagerly waiting for this match. India vs Pakistan match is also something special and as it is a world cup final, the match is now the most talked event in world cricket. Now, it is yet to see if Dhoni can bring another world cup title for India.

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