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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Top 5 Asian Actresses in Hollywood

Asian performers have started to shine in Hollywood in the last 2-3 decades. Some may think that Asian performers mainly fit in the martial art films. Well, this may be right as most of the Asian actors who could make their marks in Hollywood became famous with action films. As for the actresses, they have done well because of beauty and acting talent. Here are 5 of the greatest Asian actresses in Hollywood.

Gong li

Image Link: Gong li

Looking at her face, one can never understand her true age. She is ever young. Gong Li, daughter of a professor of economics, has excelled in singing and dancing in her school. Despite failing twice, she got admission in Beijing Central College of Drama. In her career, most of the time she acted in movies directed by Zhang Yimou. Zhang’s movies brought her success, name and fame. She was offered by Zhang in 1987, when she was a student, to work in the lead role of his first film Red Shorghum. The movie won Golden Bear award in Berlin film festival. She did not appear in many Hollywood movies. Her latest appearance is in Miami Vice, in 2006. Last year, her performance in Memoirs of a Geisha was widely acclaimed. In the movie she spoke in English.

Lucy Liu

Image Link: Lucy Liu

This beautiful “Angel” started her acting career when she was studying in the University of Michigan. In her senior years, she auditioned for a small role, but later, was chosen to play the lead character. From there, she decided to try her luck as an actress. From Michigan, she came to Vegas and started auditioning and worked at a food shop. In the popular mini series “Beverly Hills, 90210” she made a guest appearance. Her break came in 1997. She got to play the character of an Asian Lawyer, Ling Woo, in a TV series titled Ally Mcbeal. Her performance caught the attention of the audience and filmmakers. The year 2000 was very very lucky for Lucy. She landed with a role in the movie Charlie’s Angels that established her as an actress in Hollywood.

Michele Yeoh

Image Link: Michele Yeoh

She is among the few Asian women to work in a James Bond Movie. Born in Malaysia, Michele is fluent in English and Malay. Also knows as “Michelle Khan,” she was enlisted on People Magazine’s fifty most beautiful people in the world in 1997. She started ballet dancing at the age of four. In 1980, she went to England’s Royal Academy of Dance. In the beginning, she dreamt of becoming a professional ballet dancer but an injury in her spinal chord ended her dream. Yeoh’s film career started in Hong Kong. She started as model and then got offer in action movies with Jackie Chan. Her performance in Police Story made her very popular. Then she acted in a number of martial art movies. Her first Hollywood movie was Tomorrow Never Dies in 1997. She also acted in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000), and Memoirs of a Geisha (2005).

Ziyi Zhang

Image Link: Ziyi Zhang

Born to an economist father and kindergarten mother, Ziyi Zhang was very small and weak as a child. Her parents sent her to dance school so that she could grow strong. In her middle and secondary school, she studied dance in Beijing Dance Academy. At the age of seventeen, she got admission in China Central Drama College. Her first film was The Road Home with director, Zhang Yimou. A year later, she landed with a big role in Ang Lee’s Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. The character played by Zhang had to do fighting on the screen. She worked really hard and the movie was successful establishing Zhang as a big star. Then she starred in Rush Hour 2 with Jackie Chan. Hero was nominated for Oscar and House of Flying Daggers was nominated for Golden Globe award. Memoirs of Geisha in 2005 was widely praised by the critics.

Sandra Oh

Image Link: Sandra Oh.

She was born to Korean parents who were immigrants in Canada. In her school years, she played flutes, tried ballet dancing and finally settled down in acting. As a result, she joined the school drama club. After finishing her drama study in National Theatre School of Montreal, she went to London to do a stage play. Sandra Oh’s film career started with two biographical TV films in Canada: The Diary of Evelyn Lau and Clarkson’s life. For her outstanding performance in the Canadian film Double Happiness, Oh won Genie Award. In USA, Oh became popular after starring in Under the Tuscan Sun. She worked in another TV series titled Grey’s Anatomy. For her performance in this TV series, Oh won Golden Globe award and Screen Actor Guild award.

A Group of Laptop Manufacturers to Make a Laptop battery Standard

A group of laptop and battery manufacturers have decided to make a standard for Lithium Ion battery in order to ensure safety and quality of laptop battery world wide. It was after the Sony made laptop battery being short circuited and got fired, the group first planned to make such a model of laptop battery thinking the matter of safety. Association Connecting Electronics Industries, known as IPC, initiated this project. Anthony Corkell, executive of Lenovo group, has been elected chairman of IPC Lithium Ion Battery Subcommittee and the committee will report to John Grosso, head of the board of IPC Standard. From a Computer World report, I am quoting some lines regarding this project:

“The new standard will cover "process requirements, quality control and assurance" for all forms of rechargeable lithium ion battery cells, from prismatic to cyllindrical and pouch, according to the Association Connecting Electronics Industries, known as IPC.

At an October 12 meeting at IPC offices in Bannockburn, Illinois, the group also voted to name Lenovo Group executive Anthony Corkell as chairman of this IPC Lithium Ion Battery Subcommittee. Corkell, Lenovo's executive director of standards and quality engineering, will report to a larger IPC standards board run by John Grosso, Dell's director of supplier engineering and quality.

The group did not list specific changes it was requiring, and Corkell did not respond to requests for comment. But lithium ion technology is already well-established, so the new standard will probably focus on process controls and quality assurance, said IPC spokeswoman Kimberly Sterling.”

Following the controversy of Sony made laptop battery, a huge amount of laptop battery has been recalled by some leading laptop manufacturers including Dell, Lenovo, Apple Computers, Fujitsu, IBM, Toshiba etc. but it is a big question if any of these company has joined in the meeting. The most important, it is still unknown whether Sony Cor, was in the meeting r with this project.

IPC spokesmen Kimberly Sterlin said, "All I can tell you is that the major laptop manufacturers were well represented,"

This is, though, a good initiative for the safety of the laptop users but this project should include all the leading manufactures of laptop world and battery manufacturers to come up with a universal and effective solution which will be recognized world wide. I hope this will result a decent solution to the existing controversy over the laptop battery.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Maria Sharapova: Second in the WTA women's Tennis Rankings

Just do a Google search on Maria Sharapova and you will find that the first results will take you to beautiful and glamorous pictures of this Tennis star. She is very beautiful- no doubt about that but she is a great player too. Yes, she is now the second placed female player according WTA women’s ranking. Central Chronicle reported:

Russian Maria Sharapova moved to second place in the WTA women's tennis rankings released on Monday, edging closer to number one Amelia Mauresmo of France.

Sharapova claimed her fifth title of the year Sunday at the Linz Open when she beat defending champion and number two seed Nadia Petrova 7-5 6-2 in an all-Russian final.

Sharapova had already enjoyed victories at the US Open, Indian Wells, San Diego and Zurich.”

A thing of beauty is a joy forever. However, Sharapova is more than a beauty. She is a great athlete who is becoming a role model in the Tennis world. She is beautiful and top athlete. More than everything, she is a great person. We hear hardly any scandal about her and she tries to dedicate some of her time for charity works. All these she is doing just at the age of 19. Way to go Maria. Hopefully, she can become the number one in ranking within the end of 2006.

The Most Time Consuming Sport in the World: 5 Days to Get a Result

Time is money and we always like to do everything fast in this age. However, some things do not change and there are some sports that take an awful lot of time to finish. Cricket should easily be termed as the most time consuming sports in the world. It takes 5 days to get result in a test cricket match. Yes, 5 days and often test matches end up in a draw.

Only 10 countries have test status. They are:





New Zealand


South Africa

Sri Lanka

West Indies


So, if you are not a resident of any of these 10 countries you do not have to worry for waiting for 5 days to get the result of a match.

How long are your ready to wait?

All about Australian Open 2007

All about Australian Open 2007

Australian Open 2007 will be started from 15th to 28th of January 2007 at Melbourne, Australia. This tournament will offer £ 680.000 which is the ever highest amount offered as prize money for single’s winners. Through this tournament Grand Slam competition for the next season will be started. Australian Open is one of the most popular and prestigious tournament among the tennis tournament.

History of Australian Open:

Australian Tennis Championship (Australian Open was known by this name earlier) was first organized in Warehouseman's Cricket Ground in St Kilda Road, Melbourne in 1905 which was arranged by Lawn Tennis Association of Australia and likely to other three Grand Slam tournaments, this tournament was only for the top ranked amateur players. It was until 1968, the tournament was known as Australian Championship which was changed into Australian Open while world tennis entered into open era in 1969.

The tournament was held in five different cities including Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide and New Zealand (twice). This kind of mobilizing continued till 1971. However, in 19272 it was decided that the tournament would be held in a particular city then on and Melbourne showed much enthusiasm. Eventually Melbourne was selected as the hosted city that year and it continues still now. Earlier, the tournament was held at Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club in Melbourn. However, thinking the overgrowing popularity every year Government built a new venue for this tournament which was initially named Flinders Park (now known as Melbourne Park) which has more seating capacity than that of Kooyong lawn Tennis Club. The tournament has been being hosted in this new venue from 1988. In 2000, the central court of this park has been named after great Australian Rod Lever, to show honor to this legendary figure in the history of tennis.

The first Women’s Singles event was held in this tournament in 1922, the first competition after the first world war and that is why a plural ‘s’ was added to the name of this tournament, Australian Championships which was formerly known as Australian Tennis Championship.

Australian Open is traditionally held in January. However, in 1977 two tournaments were held in the same year- one in January and another one in December. The tournament continued holding in December till 1985 and the tournament went back to its previous date from 1987. The tournament is still held in January.

Now, Australian Open involves Men’s and Women’s Singles, and Men’s, Women’s and Mixed Doubles.


Trophy presented to the winner of the Men’s singles: Daphne Akhurst Memorial Cup

Trophy presented to the winner of the Women’s singles: Norman Brookes Challenge Cup

Australian Open 2007:

Australian Open 2007 is going to be introduced with the record prize money of AUD $20 million. For the first time, Hawk-Eye will be used to take the right decision regarding line calls.


There are some sponsors and official partners of Australian Open 2007. I am going to write shortly on each of the4 sponsors and partners.

Major Sponsors


Hyundai-Kia Automotive group has been founded in 1999. Kia Motors has been organizing its business over the world very successfully from the initial stage of its formation. Kia Motors is investing much money on its business promotional activities especially in the sporting world. It is the major financial source of Australian Open recently. And it will remain the major sponsor in the next year Australian Open too. It ahs also sponsorship deal with Davis Cup. Kia is going to be one of the six FIFA official sponsors in which they will get the right of 2010 and 2114 world cup football tournaments.

Associate Sponsors


Garnier is a leading cosmetic product manufacturer and it has a world wide business. It has haircare, hair color, skincare and suncare products. It has been an associate sponsor of Australian Open. During the tournament the company provides beauty care to the players and also to the patron of Australian Open. They also organize a breakfast party where many things are offered to the participant including Garnier gift box, official program of Australian Open.


GE Money is a popular consumer product company in Australia and it has its business over 100 countries. It provides balance transfer, personal loans and other finance related services to its customers. GE Money is also an associate sponsor of the Australian Open.

Official Partners


This U.S.A based travel, financial and network Service Company which is going to be one of the sponsors of Australian Open 2007 and it is the 8th time they are going to be official partner of Australian Open.


IBM supports Australian Open technologically since 1993. It also helps this tournament authority to expand their business maximizing their profit over the world.


Optus has a deal with Tennis Australia in which it helps Tennis Australia’s palyer development program and it gives all kind of solutions of telecommunications of Tennis Australia. It has also been a part of Australian Open since 2005 giving support in telecommunication to Australian Open.


Aviva provides investment and financial analyzing company as well as a life insurance company. It is linked with Australian Open as the company sponsors the Ball kids of the tournaments since 2005 and it also gives two prizes of beat ball boy and best ball girls.


State govt. of Victoria gives $1.5 million a year for three years in the development of tourism. They invest in tourism so that they get more revenue from tourism through Australian Open.

Official Sponsors


Australian Post is a postal service in Australia. Besides, it also offers retail, agency service and business solutions. This company is a official sponsors of Australian Open.


Powerade is the leading sports drink of Australia. It is one of the official sponsors of Australian Open.


Evian is a natural drinking water which ahs popularity over the 100 countries for its purity. The company has been an official sponsor of Australian Open as a part of its promotional activities.


Heineken is a widely known beer brand and the second largest beer brand in the world which has business over the 170 countries. The company was founded more than 130 years ago. It is the official drink and official sponsors of Australian Open.


Qantas is an airline company. It has long distance airline services in the world. It is also an official sponsor of Australian Open. The company offers some package tours to Australia during the Australian Open.


Rado is a Swiss watchmaker company which is a popular name in the international watch market. It plays an important in the Australian Open tournament since 2005 being the official timekeeper of the tournament.


Wilson is a global sporting goods manufacturer. This Chicago based company is a renowned company in the global market of sporting goods suppliers. It has business over the world. The company is also an official sponsor of Australian Open.

Official Broadcasters


7Sports is one of the popular media companies in Australia. It has television channels and magazines. It broadcasted many major sporting tournaments including Olympic Games, Rugby tournament s in Australia and Australia’s golf tournament. Besides, the company also covers Australian Open for three decades.

Fox Sports:

Fox Sports is a popular television channel which is only for sports. Tournaments it broadcasts are NRL, Super 12 Rugby, English Premier League, USPGA, NBL, motor sports including Moto GP, superbike, World Rally championships, Nascar, and Australian cricket tours. The channel also covers some domestic sporting events. Moreover, it is also an official broadcaster of Australian Open.


Considering the popularity of Australian Open, authority have made a easy process of buying a ticket through online and it is recommended you to buy your ticket as early as possible to avoid any unexpected refusal of a ticket.

You can have detailed information of tickets in the ticket page of official website of Australian Open or tickets of different categories

You can buy your desired travel packages from various packages offered on the occasion of Australian Open in the following link:

Tennis Australia Travel- Australian Open Travel Packages 2007

You may prefer to buy tickets by match to match particularly apart from packages. Then you can have a visit to the Tennis Tours website.

Inductee of Australian Tennis Hall of Fame:

Mark Edmondson will be the inductee of Australian Tennis Hall of Fame in 2007. He is the last Australian winner of Australian Open. He won his only Grand Slam titles in Australian Open in 1976 while he was in 212 in the ATP ranking. Thus he became the lowest-ranked Grand Slam winner in the world. He won six career singles titles and 34 doubles titles in which five are Grand Slam.

Top Ten Sports Movies

Many movies are based on sports. Of course, not all of them become popular or are enjoyable. However, some movies based on sports are great to watch and we love to enjoy them again and again. They create excitement and passion in us and even encourage us to try for something bigger in life.

Here, I am made a list of top ten sports movies. All of them are great and very popular. Of course, there are other great movies based on sports too and I would like to request you to list your favorite movies in the comment section.

Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby
Image Link: Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby
Released in August, 2006, this comedy movie is about a famous NASCAR driver Ricky Bobby. From his childhood Ricky Bobby loved to drive and drive faster. Gradually, he rises to fame as a NASCAR driver. He was challenged by another French driver, Jean Girard (Baron Cohen). Girard takes the number one position. Ricky trying desperately crushes his car and wounds himself. Although he recovered from the wound he could not recover mentally. Gradually, with the help of his former teammate Susan, who eventually becomes his girlfriend. With their support Ricky comes back to track and wins again. The film is directed by Adam McKay, Will Ferrell who is playing the central character Ricky Bobby also co-wrote the film.

Enter the Dragon

Image Link: Enter the Dragon

The first movie on martial art produced by an US studio, Warner Brothers, which made martial art very popular in USA and one of the best performances of martial art legend Bruce Lee, Enter the Dragon is a great movie. Bruce Lee died month before the release of the film in USA. A martial art competition, held by a crime lord in an island, is actually a process to hire fighter for his organization. Three men: Lee (Bruce Lee), Roper (John Saxon) and Williams (Jim Kelly) have come to participate with different intentions. Lee is appointed as a spy to uncover Han’s operation, and avenge his sister’s death who was killed by one of Han’s men. Released in 1973, the movie grossed $100 million and one of the most profitable movie made by Warner Brothers.


Image Link: Seabiscuit

This movie is based on a book by Laura Hillenbrand, titled “Seabiscuit: An American Legend.” The book was written on a legendary racing horse named “Seabiscuit.” In 2001, the book won William Hill Sports award and made into a movie in 2003, by Gary Ross. Seabiscuit was a race horse with some uncommon features. The horse was undersized, knobby-kneed and very lazy. Despite all these negative aspects he was one of the best race horses from 1933 to 1947. The film won Academy Award Nomination for best picture in 2003.

Major League

Image Link: Major League
This movie was not only successful but had a major influence over the American baseball. It collected $50million in USA. There are two sequels of this movie but none of them were very successful like the first one. The movie is about a team, Cleveland Indians, who never won any major game. The ownership of the team comes to a showgirl named Rachel Phelps. She got it from her husband and she is planning to move to Miami. The team consists of players with exceptional characters, but the most attractive of them all is pitcher Rick Vaughn (Charlie Sheen), a punk felon from the "California Penal League" with an ability to pitch at a speed of 80 miles per hour. The most interesting scene of the movie is the climax where playing against the Yankees, Vaughn comes out and in the background; “Wild Thing,” a hit song by The Troggs are played. After the success of the movie this whole event became a ritual in the game. Many pitchers entrance is followed by a rock song. The character of Vaughn is also a milestone is Charlie Sheen’s character. Many baseball players believe that Sheen acted like a real life pitcher.


Image Link: Wimbledon

Released in 2004, this romantic comedy movie is about the relationship between two tennis players. Peter Colt (Paul Bettany) and Lizzie Bradbury (Kirsten Dunst), meet each other in Wimbledon championship. Colt, once a rising star, is now ranked 119 and Lizzie is a promising young player. This is the last game Colt will be playing and his only chance to win Lizzie’s heart is by winning the Wimbledon Championship.

Blue Crush

Image Link:
Blue Crush
This 2002 movie is based on a female surfer living in Hawaii. Anne Marie Chadwick (Kate Bosworth), Eden (Michelle Rodriguez), and Lena (Sanoe Lake) are best friends. Anne’s younger sister Penny (Mika Boorem), working with Eden and Lena as a maid at a large resort hotel, and pursuing a professional surfing career. Once a promising surfer, Anne loses her confidence after an accident during surfing. Gradually she overcomes her fear and wins the Pipe Masters surf competition.

Happy Gilmore

Image Link: Happy Gilmore

A comedy movie on golf by famous comedy actor Adam Sandler. He also starred in two other rugby movies WaterBoy and The Longest Yard. Happy Gilmore is an wannabe ice hockey player. He has a very good slapshot but gets rejected all the time for his poor skating skills and aggression. Meanwhile, his grandmother has lost her house as she did not pay the tax money. Desperate to help her mother, Happy suddenly discovers his slapshot playing ability can be used to play golf. Then he sets off to play professional golf, wins the tournament and pays the money for his grandmother’s house. Made in 1996, the movie was nominated for MTV movie awards. Total Film Magazine voted it 31st greatest comedy film of all time. The film also ranked 97th on Bravo’s “100 Funniest Movies.”

Coach Carter

Image Link: Coach Carter

Based on the real life story of Ken Carter, this 2005 movie collected $67million in USA. The movie was directed by Thomas Carter. Ken Carter (Samuel L. Jackson) is the basketball coach of Richmond High School. He took this job as a challenge and turns the basket ball team “The Oilers” into a promising group. However, before he started his training, the player signed a contract with him that they have to maintain a minimum GPA of 2.3, attend every class and sit in the front row of every class. When the team is on a winning streak, he finds out the poor academic performances and puts a lock on the gym and stops all the practices. Despite intense opposition from the parents and school board members, Carter holds on to his decision. The players than finally realize that Carter was right. He does not want to make a player only but a truly gentle man from every player.

Million Dollar Baby

Image Link: Million Dollar Baby

This academy award winning movie of 2004 was directed by Clint Eastwood. Maggie (Hilary Swank), dreams to become a boxer. Maggie comes from a very poor family, her mother, sister and brother does not care for her. She is a waiter in a restaurant and the money she gets is not enough. Her biggest problem is that she is thirty one years of age which is not ideal for boxing. Despite all these obstacles she is strong willed and devoted to her goals. One of the most touching scene of the movie is when Maggie collects the left over in the restaurant and raps it in an aluminum foil so that she can eat it. When the customer looks at her she says, “For my dog.” Maggie caught the attention of Frank Dunn, a great trainer but alienated by the society. At first, Dunn was not serious about Maggie but her regularity and hard work convinced him. Eventually he trains her and a strong bond grows between them; a father daughter kind of relationship. With Dun’s training Maggie becomes a good boxer. Her career meets a tragic end while she fights with the WBA Welterweight Champion in Las Vegas. A foul attack puts Maggie crushing on her corner stool. The injury was very severe and Maggie was paralyzed. The ending scene of the movie is very emotional. Maggie tells Dunn to do something for her. She tells that she has “seen it all” and tells how her dad killed their pet dog. He tells Dunn to kill her and relive her from her suffering and Dunn keeps her last request. I can bank that viewers who watched this movie in the theatre must have came out with wet eyes.

Chariots of Fire

Image Link: Chariots of Fire

David Puttnam, the producer of this movie got the idea while he was reading An Approved History of the Olympic Games by Bill Henry. In 1924, E.H. Liddell, a Scottish student was driven out from 100 meters competition, his favorite event. He then competes in the 400 meters and finishes in record time. Liddell had also another problem. He was bandy legged. Personally, Puttnam also faced many hardships to produce this movie. When he submitted the submitted the script to Columbia pictures, they turned it down. He then collected half the money from Twentieth Century Fox, in exchange for foreign distribution rights and half from Dodi Al Fayed. Son of a rich shipping magnate. When the movie was released it was a big heat. Puttnam became the chairman of Columbia Pictures. He hanged the rejection letter of Chariots of Fire.

Rocky: This movie was not expected become big hit but not only it was successful but it won academy awards in 1976 for best direction and best picture. Stallone, an out of work actor, wrote this movie after watching a boxing match between Muhammad Ali, the then heavy weight boxing champion and Chuck Wepner, an unknown fighter. Wepner fought total fifteen rounds with Ali before he was knocked out. After writing the movie within three days, Stallone started to look for producers. None of the famous producers wanted to buy the movie. At last, Irwin Winkler and Robert Chartoff agreed to make the movie. The total movie cost around $1 million. Till now, the movie collected around billion dollars. This film inspired many people in their personal lives.

Over the Top: This movie was not very successful but it is considered to be one of the best performances of Sylvester Stallone. Over the top was released in 1987. Licoln Hawk (Sylvester Stallone) is truck driver who arm wrestles for extra cash. Her wife Christina is ill. She asks Hawk to pick up their son, Michael, from military school. Riding with his father Michael learns about his father. The movie created a minor cult following.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Sharapova Won the Linz Open 2006

Maria Sharapova has won her 15 career titles in the way of winning the final of Linz Open on Sunday. Through this win she could increase her winning streak to 16 and her record in final has increased at 15-4.

Sharapova defeated her native Nadia Petrova by two direct sets, 7-5, and 6-2. In the way of winning this championship she won her 5th title in this year. Though she started the match well but at 4-3, she made double fault and Nadia got the serve. After that she backed to the match through saving two set points. Then in the second set Nadia could not stand to Sharapova.

I am quoting Sharapova through a International Herald Tribune report:

"I started very well, but got a bit tired towards the end of the first set," Sharapova said. "Saving the two set points gave me a huge boost. I always play my best tennis when under pressure."

Nadia Petrova expressed her distress after the match and I am quoting her from the same article:

“I am so disappointed,” Petrova said. “I really got my chances in the first set. But after missing them, I just did not play up to my usual standards anymore.”

Sharapova has a chance to finish this session as the top in the world ranking. To turn this anticipation true, she has to win the last WTA championship in Madrid, Spain. Sharapova has desire to finish this year as no. 1 which she lost in 2005.

She said, "It is my dream to end the year on the No. 1 spot again.”

It seems that Sharapova is going to regain his top position as this year she showed a good consistency in the court. No body will wonder if she ends the year being in the top of the ranking. To tell the truth, Sharpova is in her best form.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Another Final for Sharapova

Linz Open Tennis final has been an “All Russian final” after Maria Sharapova and Nadia Petrova won in their respective semi-final matches. Sharapova has lifted her ranking in to no. 2 through the semi-final win over Patty Schnyder by 7-5, 7-5. With this win Sharapova’s match winning streak has reached to 15.

For the defending champion Nadia Petrova, it will be the third final in a four week time. Nadia defeated Czech Nicole Vaidisova by 6-1, 6-2 in the semi-final. Though Nadia won very easily and could show her confidence, Sharapova was not so comfortable. She missed five set points in her first set. I am quoting some lines from a Reuters report:

“The Russian broke for a 2-1 lead but, as she did twice in her quarter-final win over Ana Ivanovic, failed to serve out the set at her first opportunity.

After failing to convert three set points on Schnyder's serve at 5-3, Sharapova lost another on her own serve before the Swiss broke for 5-5.
Sharapova broke again to go 6-5 up when her opponent hit a backhand long.
The Russian immediately lost her own serve after breaking at the start of the second set but then broke again to move 6-5 in front after Schnyder netted a forehand.
Double-faulting on her first match point, Sharapova finally took the match on her third by firing an ace.”
Maria Sharapova is happy for reaching in the 7th final of this season. I am quoting Sharapova from a Times of India report:
"I am so excited to play another final," Sharapova said. "I am mentally a bit tired, so I was happy to win against Patty in two sets."

Friday, October 27, 2006

Maria Sharapova vs Anna Kournikova

Maria Sharapova has already been an idol to the young tennis players who take inspiration from her struggle in earlier life and at the same time she has been a dream girl to many with her elegant appearance and stylish dress up. She could win 2 Grand Slam yet in her career and for a 19 year old teenager it is not an easy one.

In some cases, her successes in Modeling surpass her success in the court. Please do not blame me if you got angry with the previous line. Let me be first to quote some lines from a National Leader report for your convenience:

“The 19-year-old blonde-haired Russian is 63rd in the list of highest paid celebrities, and the richest female sportsperson in the world.
She has the looks and unlike Anna Kournikova but unlike Anna, she has the game.”

Now, is it possible to call Maria as Anna 2.0?

I do not know what are you thinking now but I am sure you could partially understand how Sharapova’s life is going on through getting success in both the medium.

Brabourne Stadium: Venue of ICC Champions Trophy 2006

The final of the ongoing ICC Champions Trophy 2006 will be held at the Brabourne Stadium which is situated near the Churchgate railway station in the Indian city of Mumbai. Cricket Club of India (CCI) is the owner of this stadium. BCCI, the regulatory body of Indian cricket, is also located in this stadium.

Cricket Club of India (CCI) first took initiative to build a stadium in this place. The then secretary of BCCI and also CCI, Anthony de Mello, first went to negotiate with the Bombay governor Lord Brabourne about building a new cricket stadium. It is said that after the end of the meeting CCI secretary asked Lord Brabourne that which he would prefer from sportsmen between the money for government or immortality of himself. Lord Brabourne preferred the immortality of himself. That is why the stadium is still bearing the immortality of the governor as it was named after his name. Then CCI selected 90000 square yards and per square yard was 13.50.

The Architects of the stadium:

Messrs. Gregson,

Batley and King

The Construction Company for this stadium:

Shapoorji Pallonji & co

First Groundman of the Stadium:

Frank Tarrant

On May 22, 1936 Lord Brabourne laid the foundation of the stadium and it was opened by Sir Lawrence Roger Lumley, the Governor of Bombay, on December 7, 1937.

Though the estimated cost of this stadium was Rs. 1.8 million but the actual price was much higher than this figure and the other costs was donated by Abubhai Jasdenwala, Sir Nowroji Saklatwala, the Maharaja of Idar and Maharaja of Patiala.

The inaugural match was held on the day the stadium was opened and the match was held between CCI and Lord Tennyson's XI. The first test match of this stadium dated back to 1948 between India and West Indies. Till 1973 this stadium hosted 77 test matches and after 1973 there was not any international cricket for 16 years due to the dispute between CCI and Bombay Cricket Association over the allotment of seats.

Then in 1989 this stadium again started hosting international matches through its first ODI match between Australia and Pakistan. The stadium is also famous for hosting domestic cricket. It has already hosted 16 Ranji Trophy finals and Bombay Pentangular tournament.

The stadium has 20000 seating capacity. Floodlight system is also available in this stadium.

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All about ICC World Cup 2007 West Indies

ICC Cricket World Cup, the largest and most prestigious competition in the cricket world, will be held in West Indies in March 2007. This will be the ninth tournament of this championship which was started in 1975 in England. This world cup is organized by the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB).

West Indies has a long tradition of cricket. Their cricket has gone through a lot of glory and success in cricket. West Indies Cricket Board is a sporting federation of some Caribbean countries. In 1890, the first team representing this board played their first match against visiting England. It got Test Status in 1928 but the side has seen its glorious days from 1960s to 1980s especially in the 1970s while West Indies won cricket’s first two world cup tournament and they became the most powerful cricket team in the world. West Indies had the best bowling attack among the contemporary cricket teams. Particularly some influential fast bowlers were seen very dangerous in that period.

The grounds of this region are renowned for its natural beauty. Some stadiums stand by the sea coast which is really very lucrative. So it is expected that cricket fans will enjoy an additional taste during the world cup.

Previous World Cup Tournaments:

One Day International cricket does not have a long history as Test cricket has. The first ODI was played between England and Australia in 1971. Then considering the evergrowing popularity of this form of cricket, ICC started organizing an international tournament called ICC World Cup cricket in 1975. Here, one thing should be included that the first three world cups were known as Prudential World Cups as that Prudential plc, a financial service company, was the big sponsor of the world cups.

I am giving a short description of each of the last eight world cups below:

Prudential Cup 1975:

The first world cup cricket was held in England in 1975. In that tournament 8 teams were participated in which 6 were tests playing countries. Two groups made of 4 teams participated in the group phase and to top teams of each group played semi-final and then final. In the final, West Indies won the first world cup defeating Australia by 17 runs. All the matches of that tournament were 120 over match in which each team could play 60 overs.

Prudential Cup 1979:

Prudential Cup was again organized after 4 years of its first tournament and again in England. This tournament is best known for some of the new things introduced in this tournament which are still followed. For the first time non-test playing nations were elected though a world cup qualifying tournament named ICC Trophy which is still followed. The number of teams participated was remain unchanged where with 6 test playing countries another two got ticket of that tournament through ICC Trophy. The formation remained same and the matches were 120 over match were 60 overs were allocated for each teams. West Indies again showed their feat in the world cricket defeating the host country England by 92 runs in the final of that tournament.

Prudential Cup 1983:

It was the first time world experienced some unexpected results which are still considered great incidents in the history of world cup history. For example, Zimbabwe, the only non-playing side of that tournament, defeated West Indies and Australia in the group phase creating two mostly known upsets in the cricket world. This tournament was also hosted by England and this time the number of the test teams was increased to 7 through the inclusion of Sri Lanka in the elite panel of Test Cricket. The eight was divided into two groups of 4 and from each group two teams were eligible for the semi-final matches. Here, the only change was made in the formation that was each team played twice with the other members of a group. The other upset was created by India while they defeated the then most powerful cricket power West Indies in the final by 43 runs.

ICC World Cup 1987:

This fourth tournament of world cup had gone through some changes which still exist in the ODI cricket. For example, 50 overs was allocated for each team to bat and for the first time tournament was hosted outside England. India and Pakistan jointly hosted that tournament. However, it was not India, Pakistan or West Indies rather for the first time Australia won the tournament. Australia defeated England by 7 runs which is still the lowest margin victory in a world cup final.

ICC World Cup 1992:

This tournament can be termed as the pioneer of today’s modern world cup. Colored dress and white ball was launched for the first time and South Africa played that world cup for the first time as an African team. Day/Night match was also started in ODI cricket in this world cup and with 8 test playing countries Zimbabwe participated as the only non-test playing nation in this world cup. The formation was also changed. There was no group rather all the teams played each other once and thus number of matches was increased considerably compared to the previous tournaments. Top four teams played in the semi-final round and the winners played in the final. New Zealand came up with two new ideas to the world. Martin Crowe, the then captain of New Zealand, started bowling with a spinner, Dipak Patel, to make batsmen puzzled and he sent pinch-heater batsmen to open batting to make some extra runs earlier in the innings. Here is it noteworthy that field restriction system was also introduced in this tournament. The trophy of this world cup was handed to Pakistan captain Imran Khan after Pakistan defeated England by 22 runs in the final.

ICC World Cup 1996:

For the first time, world cup cricket was hosted by three countries. India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka organized this world cup. Australia and West Indies did not play in Sri Lanka in their group matches due to the confusion over the safety following a terrorist bomb blast in the Central Bank which led Sri Lanka to the next round easily as the points of those matches were rewarded to Sri Lanka. In this tournament 12 teams participated in which 9 were test playing countries and three were elected through ICC Trophy. The new teams were Kenya, United Arab Emirates and Netherlands. Sri Lanka defeated Australia in the final to win their first world cup and became the third winner of world cup from Sub-continent. Sanath Jayasuria and Romesh Kaluwitharana became the best opening pair of that time who could easily crashed any bowling attack using their power play strategy to take the advantage of fielding restriction in the first 15 overs.

ICC World Cup 1999:

World cup again backed to England after 16 years. Some matches of this last tournament of the century were held in Ireland, Scotland and also in Netherlands. With 9 test playing counties, 3 non-test playing countries appeared through the ICC Trophy and among the three Bangladesh and Scotland were new in the world cup. The 12 teams were divided into two groups of six teams and from each group top 3 teams were elected for the Super Six round which was first introduced in this world cup. In super six round teams from group A played with the teams of group B and all the teams could carry their group stage points they earned paling against the Super Six teams. From this six teams top four played in the semi-final round. Australia won their second title beating Pakistan by 8 wickets in the final.

ICC World Cup 2003:

This was the first world cup tournament of this century. South Africa along with Kenya and Zimbabwe hosted this tournament and Australia could continue their triumph in the world cricket winning their third and second consecutive world cup. As a non-test playing country Kenya for the first time reached in the semi-final. Highest number of teams participated in this tournament. Among the 14 teams 10 were test playing nation and other four non-test playing nations were Netherlands, Namibia, Canada and Kenya. The format of the tournament remained unchanged. In the final Australia defeated India by 125 runs which is the biggest margin by run in a world cup final.

Participating teams of the ICC World Cup 2007:

The highest number of teams will participate in the next ICC World Cup in West Indies. Among the 16 teams 11 teams were qualified automatically and among this 11, ten are test playing countries and Kenya has qualified by its ODI status. The other five teams are Bermuda, Scotland, Ireland, Netherlands and Canada who have qualified through ICC Champions Trophy. The 16 teams are given below:

Australia, Bangladesh, England, Sri Lanka, South Africa, India, Pakistan, New Zealand, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Bermuda, Scotland, Ireland, Netherlands and Canada


ICC World Cup 2007 will be held in different countries of Caribbean region which are under the West Indies cricket board. The stadiums and their country names are given below:

Stadium Country

Kensington Oval Barbados

Sir Vivian Richards Stadium Antigua & Barbuda

Queen's Park Grenada

Providence Stadium Guyana

Warner Park Stadium St Kitts & Nevis

Queen's Park Oval Trinidad & Tobago

Beausejour Stadium St Lucia

Sabina Park Jamaica

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10 Great Articles on Maria Sharapova

After searching some in Internet, I have collected the links of 10 articles on Maria Sharapova. Just click on the title of any article below.

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G-Tech bag for iPod

A new smart bag for the iPod users will be available in the market which is expected to be very popular among the iPod users specially young peoples and businessmen. This bag will be manufactured by G-Tech, a band of Good Hope Bags, considering peoples’ ever growing relationship with technology and the impact of this relationship in the daily life. This bag will provide space for a mobile phone, Apple’s iPod and a laptop. I am quoting some lines regarding this from a Digital Trends report:

“The messenger bag provides a space for both a mobile phone, laptop, and an Apple iPod media player; users can control the iPod from ElekTex, five-layer laminate controls on the messenger bag's strap, so there's no hassle of fumbling with a flap to manage the device. The bag also features what G-Tech describes as a "first of its kind" built-in speaker to deliver "stereo quality" sound. The speaker also offers a 3.5mm extension cable, so you the messenger back can be plugged into other audio sources, like stereos, laptops, and other media players.

"The G-Tech Messenger Bags will become the 'must have' item for anyone with an active lifestyle. The bags make it easy to enjoy music and other digital devices without having to stop what they're doing and fumble through the bag to control the device," said G-Tech's. "We've been astounded by the market response—particularly strong among young adults and college age students—to our revolutionary line of wearable technology. We expect this new bag's trendy messenger style to really catch on with busy professionals and the 'Generation-Y' market."

The bag will cost $129 and its Stereo Quality speakers may create an additional craze among the young generation. If everything goes well then no wonder, this new bag will have a high demand.

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Ten Coaches of Ten Test Playing Cricket Nations

There is no question regarding the importance of a coach for a team in any sports. A coach can make a team a powerful side and a team can go down word for a coach. Today I searched on the ten coaches of ten elite test playing cricket teams in the world. I found most of them played cricket earlier and then entered in coaching career.

If any of you find anything to have been written in this article please let me now your opinion in the comment section.

John Buchanan

John Buchanan is the present coach of Australia Cricket team. Though he started his career as a cricketer, he could not find is feat in the cricket field as one of the 11 of a team. Rather he could show his talent at the background stage as a coach. He played seven Sheffield Shield matches for Queensland in the 1978-79 seasons. He also played the league cricket of England for Hyde Cricket Club in Cheshir. However, his poor performance both in Australia and England could turn is playing career into an end. On the other hand, his coaching career was totally the opposite of his playing career. In the 1994-9 seasons, Queensland won their first ever Sheffield Shield championship under his coaching. Later Queensland won their second Sheffield Shield title during his coaching time. In 1998 Buchanan also coached Middlesex, a county club of England. Then in 2001 he got the place of Geoff Marsh as the coach of Australian national cricket team and Australia won their all of the first 15 matches under his coaching. Earlier it was difficult to get this position as he had not any experience of playing Test level but his record cold prove that he well-fitted person for this post. In his coaching career Australia won the world cup trophy in 2003. It was not like that he had to change the team overnight as Australia was the then World champion while he was appointed as coach but he worked a lot in some important area. For example, he is very much in using technology. He always tries to analyze the opponent teams in the laptop screen using the video of the previous matches and makes his folks understand the week point of the opponent teams.

Dav Whatmore

This great coach was also a cricketer in his earlier life. However, his performance as a coach could easily surpass his performance as a cricketer. Though he played seven tests and one ODI match for Australia but 293 runs at an average of 22.53 in test was not enough to survive there. However, he scored 6000 runs for Victoria in his first class career. After going into retirement in 1988-89 seasons he started seeking his fate in coaching where he is very successful than many others in the history of cricket. He is best known for his performance with Sri Lankan cricket team. In 1996 World Cup Sri Lanka as an ordinary team at that time could win the world cup under his coaching which turned them a power in world cricket. Dav is now coaching the Bangladesh Cricket team where he has already got some success.

Robert Andrew Woolmer

This former English cricketer is very famous for his coaching skills. Woolmer already showed his talent while coaching the South African national cricket team. At present, he is coaching the Pakistan national cricket team. In his playing career he played 19 test matches and 6 one day international matches. After entering in the test squad of England he spent his best year in his career in 1976 and that year he was elected as Wisden Cricketer of the Year. He could score 1059 at an average of 33.09 with three test centuries.

Kevin Curran

Kevin Curran is the former Zimbabwean cricketer. He is now the coach of Zimbabwe national cricket team. He played two world cups in 1983 and 1987 for Zimbabwe cricket team. He has been assigned as a coach in a crucial time of Zimbabwean cricket while some former cricket players went into retirement as to show their protest against the politicization of their cricket. While Curran played world cup for Zimbabwe they were not a test playing country and were trying to achieve this prestige from ICC. Unfortunately, now in his coaching career Zimbabwe stands on their self-imposed suspension form test cricket because of the dispute between cricket union and regular players. Kevin Curran is trying his best for the uplift of the team.

Tom Moody

Tom Moody is the former Australian cricketer. He is now the coach of the Sri Lankan national cricket team where he joined in 2005. He started playing cricket form his school days and started playing first class matches for Western Australia in 1985/86 seasons. In his first class career he also played for Warwickshire and Worcestershire. He could score over 20000 runs in his first class career. He did not continue his good performance of first class career in the international level. However, he could play three world cup tournament for Australia in which he played in the final of two world cups in 1987 and 1999 and both times they got the trophy. He has over 1000 one day international runs in his 76 appearance and 456 runs in his 8 test matches at an average of 32.57. After retirement from cricket in 2001 he started working in different administrative level of cricket including coaching, Australian cricketer’s representative director of cricket with Worcestershire.

Duncan Fletcher

This Zimbabwean was a former cricketer for Zimbabwe cricket team. He is the first captain of their one day international history. Zimbabwe got some excellent success in the 1983 world cup under his captaincy including the memorable victory against Australia. In his ODI career, he could score 191 at an average of 47.25 and got seven wickets in his six appearances. He was assigned as the coach of England cricket team to be the first foreign and non test playing coach for England in 1999. He could show his talent in making a good relationship with players and bringing the team into the third position from the bottom in the test table. He got his best ever success with England after defeating Australia in the Ashes series in 2005 after a long time. For this memorable performance he was given the British Citizenship.

Bennett King

This Australian is now the coach of West Indies national cricket team. He was a successful coach of Queensland Bulls. He joined in this club in 1999-2000 season and he led three the team to three Pura cup victories in his three years presence with this club. Then he also worked as the head coach for the Australian Cricekt Academy before being appointed as the coach of West Indies.

Greg Chappell

This former Australian cricketer who has over 7000 test and 2000 ODI runs in his playing career. Chappell was also captain of Australia. He ahs 24 test centuries and an average of 53.86 in test cricket. This famous Australian has 47 test and 72 ODI wickets in his career. In spite of his good performance in the field, he also made some controversies both in his playing and coaching career. Chappell, the then captain of Australia, inspired his brother Trevor Chappell to bowl underarm in an one day international match against New Zealand in 1981 which was much criticized over the cricket world and is still considered as an example of non sportsmanship. In his coaching career initially he was though to be a high profile coach for India but he unfortunately involved in a controversy with the then captain of India Sourav Ganguly which followed the Ganguly’s elimination from the team. It is yet to see how he will convert his playing success in his coaching career.

John Bracewell

This former New Zealand cricketer is now the coach of New Zealand cricket team. He played 41 test and 5 ODI matches in his career. He scored over 1000 and 500 runs in test and ODI cricket respectively. He got 102 wickets in test cricket while got 33 in ODI cricket. His got five wickets in test cricket once and his best bowling figure in test career is 10/106. Bracewell was appointed as coach in 2003.

Mickey Arthur

Mickey Arthur is now coaching the South African national team. He never got chance to appear in international level. However, this South African played his first class matches in the domestic league of South Africa and he has over 6657 runs in his first class career. His coaching is not too long. After his retirement in 2000-01 he started coaching in his former club Griquas in the domestic league of South Africa and under his coaching the club could reach to the finals of the Standard Bank Pro20 series and then in 2003 he joined in Eastern Cape side where he also helped the team to reach at the final of the to the finals of the Standard Bank Pro20 series. Having observing this performance he was assigned as the coach of South Africa cricket team in 2005 making a bit surprise.