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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A Group of Laptop Manufacturers to Make a Laptop battery Standard

A group of laptop and battery manufacturers have decided to make a standard for Lithium Ion battery in order to ensure safety and quality of laptop battery world wide. It was after the Sony made laptop battery being short circuited and got fired, the group first planned to make such a model of laptop battery thinking the matter of safety. Association Connecting Electronics Industries, known as IPC, initiated this project. Anthony Corkell, executive of Lenovo group, has been elected chairman of IPC Lithium Ion Battery Subcommittee and the committee will report to John Grosso, head of the board of IPC Standard. From a Computer World report, I am quoting some lines regarding this project:

“The new standard will cover "process requirements, quality control and assurance" for all forms of rechargeable lithium ion battery cells, from prismatic to cyllindrical and pouch, according to the Association Connecting Electronics Industries, known as IPC.

At an October 12 meeting at IPC offices in Bannockburn, Illinois, the group also voted to name Lenovo Group executive Anthony Corkell as chairman of this IPC Lithium Ion Battery Subcommittee. Corkell, Lenovo's executive director of standards and quality engineering, will report to a larger IPC standards board run by John Grosso, Dell's director of supplier engineering and quality.

The group did not list specific changes it was requiring, and Corkell did not respond to requests for comment. But lithium ion technology is already well-established, so the new standard will probably focus on process controls and quality assurance, said IPC spokeswoman Kimberly Sterling.”

Following the controversy of Sony made laptop battery, a huge amount of laptop battery has been recalled by some leading laptop manufacturers including Dell, Lenovo, Apple Computers, Fujitsu, IBM, Toshiba etc. but it is a big question if any of these company has joined in the meeting. The most important, it is still unknown whether Sony Cor, was in the meeting r with this project.

IPC spokesmen Kimberly Sterlin said, "All I can tell you is that the major laptop manufacturers were well represented,"

This is, though, a good initiative for the safety of the laptop users but this project should include all the leading manufactures of laptop world and battery manufacturers to come up with a universal and effective solution which will be recognized world wide. I hope this will result a decent solution to the existing controversy over the laptop battery.

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