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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Top Ten Scorers of European Cup

European Football can be compared with a large industry where all clubs can be considered with businessmen in terms of its huge financial relevance. European cups are the scale of measuring the best club of Europe. So, this competition ahs got a prestigious position among the clubs of Europe. I found a list of top ten goal scorers of this tournament of all time in a website.

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Gerd Muller

One of the greatest footballers of all time, Gerd Muller is the highest goal scorer in the European cups. He scored 62 goals in his 71 appearances. This great footballer started his career with youth club of his home town club TSV 1861 Nordlingen at 1961. After joining in FC Bayern Munchen in 1994 when the club was at Regionalliga Sud (Regional League South), he created a history in the domestic league of Germany. He started playing in Bundesliga after one season as Bayern qualified for the Bundesliga. He scored record 365 goals with Bayern in his total 427 appearances which is still recode for Bundesliga. He also becomes the highest goal scorer of all time in the European cups league with Bayern. He won four Busdesliga, 4 German cups and three European Champions cups. In his international career his number of goals scored is more than the number of his appearances for Germany which is very rare among the footballers who played more than 50 matches. He played two world cups for his nation and became the highest goal scorer in 1970 world cup with 10 goals. He also scored 4 goals in the 1974 world cups where he also scored 4 goals and helped the host Germany to lift the cup. He declared his retirement form international football after playing in the final match at his home stadium in Munich. He became the highest goal scorer of the world cup history with his 14 goals in two world cups which ahs recently taken by theBrazilian footballer Ronaldo. He was hponored as the World Football’s Greatest Goal scorer of All time in 2000.


Portuguese Great Eusebio was born in 1942 at Mozambique in Portugal. He played his golden time in his club career with SL Benfica after joining in 1961, the year he made his first international appearance. He scored 301 goals for Benfica in the Portuguese league and became highest goal scorer for 7 times in the Portuguese league. He won 11 championships and 5 cups for Benfica. He played for Portugal in the 1966 world cup where Eusebio helped his country to make their ever best result in the world cup and he became the top scorer of that world c cup with his 9 goals. He is still the second highest goal scorer of European cups with 56 goals in his 75 appearances. He has been declared the golden player of Portugal by the Portugal Football Federation in 2003

Andriy Shevchenko

This Ukrainian famous footballer is now playing for Chelsea. Shevchenko is the highest goal scorer among the present footballer and the third highest among the footballers of all time in European cups. He scored 56 goals in his 96 appearances in European cups. He started his career with his native club Dynamo Kyiv’s youth clubs where he also started his professional career in 1994. He played in Dynamo Kyiv in 117 matches with 60 goals. He joined in A.C. Milan in 1999 where he played till 2005-06 before joining in Chelsea in 2006. He won Ukrainian Premier League for five times. He also won Serie A and UEFA champions league with A.C. Milan. This talented forward has been UEFA best forward for twice and UEFA Champions League top scorer for thrice. He also became the Ukrainian Player of the year for five times and Serie A top scorer for twice. He was awarded the Hero of Ukraine title by the former President of Ukraine.

Raul Gonzalez

Raul is the captain of Spanish national team and also his club Real Madid. He played for his club from 1994 and has the top appearances in UEFA Champions League (109) and also holds the record of being the fourth highest goal scorer of all time in European cups. He is also the top scorer of Spanish National team with his 44 international goals in his 100 appearances. This talented forward is famous for his outstanding goal scoring power. He became the top scorer of Spanish League for twice. He became the Champions league best forward for thrice. He won four Spanish leagues and 3 UEFA Champions leagues. He has been honored by the Royal Order’s Gold Medal for Sports Merit in Spain in 2006.

Filippo Inzaghi

This famous Italian forward is now playing for A.C. Mlian. His best performance was with Juventas where he scored 57 goals in his 120 appearances. He ahs become the fifth highest goal scorer of European cups with his 52 goals in 79 matches. He was the highest goal scorer in the 1996-97 season. Inzaghi played in 3 world cups and one Euro tournaments for Italy. He has been scoring for his clubs consistently. He won the Italian league with A.C. Milan in 2003-04. He could not show his best at the 2006 world cup because of his injury.

Alfredo Di Stefano

Stefano is one of the greatest footballers of the world. He showed his talent with Real Madrid where he scored 219 goals in 282 appearances. He is still the sixth highest goal scorer of all time in European cup. However, before joining to Real Madrid in 1953 he played in his country Argentina for the club Millonarios for 12 years where he also showed his skill on scoring goal scoring 267 goals in his 294 matches. He along with another great footballer Ferenc Puskas made Real Madrid the unofficial king of the Europe as real Madrid won five consecutive European cups at that time. Stefano is still the highest goal scorer of Real Madrid in the Spanish league. He won Spamnish league for 8 times. He became the Spanish league top scorer for five times and European footballer of the year for twice. He played for 3 countries including Argentina, Colombia and Spain. Royal Spanish Football Federation declared Stefano the Golden player of Spain in 2003 on the occasion of the Jubilee of UEFA.

Thierry Henry

Henry is one of the greatest footballers of the world and now playing for Arsenal in his club career. He is the seventh highest goal scorer of the Europeans cup with his498 goals in his 101 appearances. He is getting his best performance for his present club Arsenal. Tough he ahs not won any of the either English Premiership league or UEFA Champions league, he got European golden boot twice and became the runner up for the Fifa World Player of the Year for twice. He is the third highest goal scorer of English league. He also became the Football Writers’ Association Footballer of the Year for three times and PFA Players’ Player of the year for twice. In his international career he played three world cups with France and became champion in 1998 and runner-up in 2006. He scored 36 goals in 83 matches.

Ruud Von Nistelrooy

Nistelrooy is the famous Dutch forward playing for Real Madrid. He played some successful seasons with Manchester United before joining Real Madrid in 2006. He is the eighth highest goal scorer of European Cup. He scored 47 goals in his 65 appearances. He joined in the Manchester United in 2001. He won the English Premiership title in 2002-03 with Manchester where he scored 25 goals in that season. He has become the highest European goal scorer for Manchester United. He scored 150 goals for Manchester United. He scored 28 goals for Netherlands and played 2006 world cup.

Carlos Santillana

Carlos Santillana is the former fampous Spanish footballer who palyed for Real Madrid in his club career. He won 7 La Liga with Real Madrid. He scored 352 goals for Madrid. He is one of the top ten scorers of European cups with his 47 goals in 87 matches. He played two world cups and one European Championship. Santillana scored 15 goals for Spain.

Henrik Larsson

This Swedish great played many famous clubs in his club career and now plays Helsingborgs IF. He is one of the highest goal scorer of theEuropean Cups with 46 gaols in 8 matches. H ehas spent his golden time with Scottish club Celtic FC where his joined in 1997. He scored 242 goals with Celtic FC and then he joined to the FC Barcelona and won Spamish League twice and UEFA Champions League. He played three world cups and two European Championships with his country Switzerland. He won golden boot in 2000-2001. Larsson has been the All time best Swedish football player in 2005. In 2006 he has taken retirement form the international football.


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    i suppose samuel eto'o fils, due to his spectacular performance during the champions league, african nation cup finals, la liga should be given a fair oppotunity. non of your shortlisted players has measured up to his performance. why should you be bias. no, you have to be objective like thierry henry who said eto'o deserve to be the best.

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