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Monday, June 30, 2014

Who will Win World Cup Football 2014?

This World Cup Football 2014 will be memorable for many reasons. Not to mention that it has broken records in viewership in TV and Internet. Everyone is busy in social media. We could hardly imagine that there were so many football fans in USA. Ronaldo and Rooney, Italy and the current champion Spain all suffered an early exit from group stage. Now, the question comes who will the world cup football 2014? In this blog post, I am going to take a look at the current form of 5-6 teams.
Brazil: They are the host team and they are one of the favorites. Brazil has remained undefeated so far but has not impressed the fans totally. Not only they could not defeat Mexico in the group stage but their performance against Chile was lackluster too. The only good thing about this team is that they have Neymar in form scoring 4 goals so far. In quarterfinal they are taking on Colombia and if they win that then they will face either Germany or France in semis. So, it will be a tough fixture. A lot depends on how Neymar plays.
France: In 2010, France played poorly and the team suffered a lot of criticism at home. However, this time they look solid and did very well in the group stage. They scored 8 goals in the group stage. Their strikers are on fire and they look solid defensively. In the round of 16, France defeated Nigeria by 2-0. Well, in the quarterfinal they will have to face Germany and even if they win that match then in semis they will have perhaps Brazi. So, things can go only difficult from here on for France.
Germany: I have a mixed feeling about the performance of Germany this time. They have perhaps the strongest squad. They were in a difficult group. They demolished Portugal in the opening match by 4-0 but since then they have not totally impressed anyone. They drew with Ghana, luckily defeated USA and had to work very hard to overcome Algeria after extra time in round of 16. Thus, their performance is going downward and they have to be at their very best if they wish to defeat France in the quarterfinal. I am not that impressed with Germany this time.
Netherlands: Netherlands has scored the highest number of goals in this world cup so far. Arjen Robben is on fire. He is scoring goals, assisting and causing havoc among defenders of the opposition team. The Dutch have won every game and they just looked some nervous against Australia. Except it, they are in fine form. They reached the final in 2010 and this time, they might just go all the way. They are now the hot favorite among millions of people in the world. In quarterfinal, Holland will face Costa Rica and after that they may have to face Argentina in the quarterfinal.
Argentina: Argentina has won all the 3 matches in the group and Messi is in great form. He has scored 4 goals and all 4 of them were among the top ten goals of this world cup. However, except this, Argentina looks to be a very ordinary side. Luck is with them so far. At the right time, they are getting the goals. If Messi can keep us his luck and play his natural game then he is unstoppable and can do better than Diego Maradona of 1986. Well, they have to pass Switzerland first.
In my book, these are the teams favorite to win World Cup Football 2014. Among the other teams, Columbia won 3 of their group matches and scored 9 goals. In the knockout stage, they defeated Uruguay by 2-0. However, Brazil may prove to be too good for them. If you talk about fairy tale campaign then Costa Rica surely has this time. They topped their group ahead of Uruguay, Italy and England and that is something that you cannot imagine every day. Costa Rica defeated Greece and now going to face Netherlands.
The good performance of USA will help to increase the popularity of soccer in USA. This time, many people really enjoyed the event. Well, one reason perhaps is that Brazil is near to US time zone but still, this is a ground breaking time for the soccer in America. It may result bringing more TV viewership and commercial revenue for MLS. I must say a few words about Mexico. They were unlucky against Holland. Mexico drew with Brazil in the first round. They have a great goalkeeper. Belgium looks like a dark horse as they have advanced with confidence. Switzerland also looks dangerous and they will surely give Messi and Argentina very hard time later tonight.
I still think that someone from the big names will become champion of 2014 World Cup Football. Remember that until now, no European team has been able to win the world cup in America. This time, Argentina and Brazil look a bit shaky but no European team looks that solid either. Netherland had a close call against Australia and Mexico. Who knows we might just see a Brazil vs Argentina final and the way things have moved, it is possible.

This is a very exciting world cup. Brazil has acted a good host despite the discontent among many workers. TV viewership is moving towards greater heights. Social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook have seen unprecedented growth in messages and discussion related to football/soccer. It is nice to see that American people now watch and even play this game more. The next world cup is going to take place in Russia.  


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